Sunday, April 26, 2009

It Happened!

Ruth just sent these pictures of Diana today!

She's legitimately crawling and pulling herself up!

I am so proud and so sad to have missed it.

Just wanted to share these with you as you have been so kind to comment on her and care about her progress. Thought you would be as thrilled as I!

And she was ALSO committed to Open Arms on Thursday. Which is completely miraculous, as she didn't have the completed, required paperwork. Which means there will be no DELVING into her past. Which totally opens the door for Renee and most importantly, means NO ONE ELSE can lay claim to her!!!

As an aside, personally it's been hard for me to be back. The things I was dealing with before are just more back in my face, right now. So, as selfish as I feel when I think of those with so much less than me, if you wouldn't mind lifting my heart up in prayer, I would really appreciate it. I'm in a much better place than when I left, but still stuggling the past few days.

I start a tour today, and then have three in a row, which I am REALLY looking forward to.

I am so grateful for the comments you have left me, as I have shared this journey with you. That you would take the time to read, and then to write words of encouragement, joy, etc has been humbling and uplifting to me. Thank you. I have decided to continue this blog - I think, as Karen commented, that it will be interesting to see the path that comes out of this adventure.


  1. You are in my prayers. I'm so thrilled about the good news for Diana. What a special baby! I can't wait until you are back here--I want to hear more stories.

  2. Yay for Diana. Yay God!

    I hope your tours go well and you have some great groups to hang with. Keep your eyes on the prize and think about everything God has done in your heart over the past 7 weeks. Remember those amazing times. This blog is kind of like a monument to help you remember, so go back and read your old posts often.

    Love ya.

  3. How wonderful. Sorry you missed it. Enjoy your tours and yes, I'm praying for you, and your heart.

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your journey to Africa, and will continue to enjoy reading about your journey through life.

    Fantastic news about Diana. I will continue to pray for everyone you've mentioned on this blog, including you. :-D