Sunday, May 17, 2009

Since I've Been Back

I've led three tours in the past three weeks. I thought I'd show you some of the sights.

Here I am at the Washington Monument.

Here I am at the World War Two Memorial.

Here I am the National Cathedral.

Here I am at Gettysburg.

The Liberty Bell.

National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. (My here - George Washington!)

With Alexander Hamilton. (the FATHER of the National Debt - don't blame W)

These guys are swell!!

Me in Times Square.

Madison Square garden.

OH I mean...

Wait for it...


Oh look - it's the Empire State Building.

That's better.

Lovely Lady Liberty.


  1. Oh how wonderful that you have the joy of visiting all the famous sights once again. You look like you're having fun. I hope you are.

  2. that was awesome!!! totally cracked me up. and i totally want your hat! and i WILL blame W, no matter which statue you say i should really blame. ;-)

  3. No one can top the AWESOME vacation pics you always take. LOL!

  4. "them" meaning the students you led around the sights for the past three weeks.

  5. I'm not sure if people understand that this is your JOB!!! Tour guiding. And how you wouldn't allow them to take the pictures for you, but you had to do it all by yourself!!!! :-D But I totally get it! TOTALLY!! Bahahaha

  6. Somehow I have missed all these posts! It's so fun to see what you are doing!! I love your pictures - you slay me!~