Sunday, September 27, 2009

Technology abounds

So... I bought a mini. I like it. It's light and handy and I can use it when I'm touring, etc.

Then my phone broke - I continued to use it until it became near impossible. I shopped around, and discovered that staying with T-mobile was my best option. I was hoping to get a really great deal on an air card, so I could have instant internet whilst traveling, but to no avail. But... I do have the internet on my phone. I ended up with the My Touch - T-mobile's answer to the I Phone.

It's really pretty spectacular. And... I only pay $85 a month (with tax) for unlimited everything. I'm on the loyalty plan. This same plan with ATT is $179/month and at Sprint is $149... woo hoo! I am happy to be loyal. (I got the Red one)

But... when doing a vacation thing in Hawaii, my camera got wrecked.
And although Sams gave me my money back... they no longer have my camera. So, I'm shopping. I'd like to stay at $200-$250, but MUST have 10x optical zoom. I am leaning like Pisa towards a Panasonic Lumix, but if any of you have a great idea that I am ignorant of... I would LOVE your help, Especially you great picture takers.

Thank you for your help and comments and thoughts and suggestions. Any and all are welcome. And later I'll tell you my ridiculous stories about men hitting on me. Pathetic, really. I think that new show Cougars is NOT going to help my cause... you see, I don't LIKE being hit on by persistent 21 year olds.... it irritates me.