Thursday, March 29, 2007

On the Dash

We're back... too bad, really, as vacation is so much more enjoyable than everyday life. It was a great time.
Karen started the trip with a gift for me... Dashboard Jesus... what a blessing and a treasure. She thought it would be good to use in the rental car even before I got home, but then we realized that truly, sitting Him on my tray table would be a VERY wise way to start the trip.

Fortunately, the police officer from PA who was sitting in the seat next to us agreed. I wondered if PERHAPS I would be allowed to keep my tray table down during take-off, as it was the throne for DJ, and indeed, it seemed almost possible that the Flight Attendants were NOT going to even SEE the tray table in the down position - this may be due to the fact that the Holy Spirit was blinding their eyes to keep us safe (although the 7 year old girl across the aisle and ONE ROW UP kept giving me dirty looks - she must be a first born - the Rules Follower!)... I thought if the Flight Attendant realized that it was actually JESUS who was sitting on the tray table, they may give me permission ... but his very forceful strut up the aisle at the last minute frightened even ME, and the 7 year old got her wish.

However, this did not stop DJ from protecting us. And he continued to speak to me in a very real way about the sins of Karen - sitting in the back of her father's truck without her seatbelt... I feel this is a real sin... testing the grace of God AND requiring the angels to have to pay extra close attention to her ... and I kept TELLING her that this was what DJ was telling me... she kept rebelling.

Honestly, it was a great trip - so thankful for a friend with a husband who not only said yes take the time off, but helped us make the arangements. And what fun to get to know her parents better. Her DAD is a Naval Academy Grad! (yes, I am very impressed) For a wonderful re-cap, you can check Karen's blog - she wrote it true, AND has a slide show!

Friday, March 23, 2007

the chore of living in a hotel

I am paying SERIOUS money to come down to the lobby EARLY this morning and to catch up with my friends - YOU GUYS! Although, no one will probably even think to check my blog since its BEEN SO LONG! I took REALLY good pictures for Karen's contest, and then was gone before I could down load them. Those canceled flights in NYC last weekend? Yeah - that was MY GROUP! The good news is that my groups have been amazing since the first one and I CAN'T WAIT to go to Orlando!

Hey - any stories or photos with me that are not on MY BLOG are NOT TRUE! There are some BAD false stories going on out there - and ANYONE can photo shop, these days.

Just remember, all day every day, I lead little darlings through our nation's capital and NYC... ahhhhh.

Love you all and I will be home for ten days in a little while.