Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Over and I'm Fine!

Vacation Bible School was this week - it ended Thursday. It was great. I'm very glad I did it, and I think children learned about Jesus.

It was the story of Moses - Day One was him and the burning bush. I found myself wondering at my choice of words when I said, "Even though you get really angry at someone and even IF they've done a bad thing, you should never kill them (When explaining how he ended up taking care of sheep on that mountain)." I made a little burning bush with flames and live branches and it was good.

Now, teenagers at our church help with VBS, and I was assigned four of them. Which was fine by me. Turns out the two girls' moms were on my wing at ORU sophomore year... crazy.

Well, these little teenage chickadees had a problem after the first day - they said it was boring - they were used to it being very entertaining, as in the past, the gals in charge have been super creative, creating their own scripts and characters and making it funny and exciting.

I, however, made it very clear when I signed up that if they got me they would NOT be getting that, but they WOULD be getting an excellent teacher who has a knack for engaging students AND keeping order all at the same time. (To which i received a rousing Thank you, this is what we've been praying for)So, the kids complained afterwards on Monday, saying, "It's not at all entertaining", and "before...." and "if WE're bored..."

So, Tuesday morning we had a little Coming to Jesus meeting, in which I told them that it was NOT about them, that complaining and comparing is foolish and unwise, according to Paul in Corinthians, that MY authorities told me to teach the story from the book and I'm obeying my authorities, and that their job is to be positive, not complain and act like Jesus.

Things went much better after that.

The next day was Moses, Pharoah and the plagues - we turned water into blood (little red food dye at the bottom of the clear glass), threw rubber frogs, had them walk on Cap'n Crunch on black tarp barefooted to imagine the locusts, etc. It was a hit.

The next two days were similarly successful, what with the Angel of Death and the Passover lamb; had them paint a door frame with "blood" - yeah, WATER. All in all, great success.

Tonight I'm going to Wicked and tomorrow morning is my 5K run which officially ends my 12 week running program. I'm excited. Miraculously.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Check Them Out!

So there's this contest that the Jonas Brothers have going, and the Boss girls, Jessica, Andrea and Kirsten decided to enter. I helped them practice a little - and as you can see, they are so darn cute and clever. No one but their father, Scott Boss, could have thought about siging in the shower...

Aren't they darling?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I LOVE Funny People

No, I haven't seen the movie, and probably won't as it doesn't look funny to me. I'm talking about the funny people I have been blessed to know...

I went to coffee with a friend at Starbucks, this morning. I stopped giving my real name at these sorts of places YEARS ago - Lord knows I have spelled it enough times... so I give a name that needs no explanation. I say my name is Sally.

So, this morning I placed my order, she asked my name and I said, "Sally."
She said, "With a "Y" or an "I-E"? Yes, she did. I am NOT joking...
I said, "With a Y".

My friend then places her order and when asked for her name, without missing a beat she said, "Sallie with an I-E"... ahhhhhhh - I LOVE it!!! I just looked at her with no way to stop the joy in my face.

Tell me something funny someone has said in conversation with you, lately.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Favorite Summer Salad

This is it. Fresh mozarella, tomatoes, fresh basil (from my OWN garden) drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I LOVE this.

And here are the first two cucumbers from my garden! Yippee!! That one looks kind of pregnant, and I was afraid it would be too seedy, but being homegrown, it was still great! (And cucumbers aren't even one of my favorite vegetables)

Still no job... and Kenya looks like it's back on hold...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

And Today she works and learns...

Got the call at 9 this morning. A secretary had called in sick and they were needing a sub. I can SO DO THAT. Also though I am only getting paid for six hours, who CARES!?! It's a job. And interestingly, it's for an engineering firm. Really? This is interesting? Well, yes, because I majored in Engineering for 1 1/2 years in University. So, I was interested to see what an engineering firm looks like "on the inside". And this is what I learned - I made the absolutely CORRECT decision when I changed to Music Education. Period. True, the only men I worked with were the 60+ year old Principal and equally aged custodian throughout my 20's. And the male prospects were equally dismal at my other schools. (Unless you want to count the MARRIED man who was trying to start an affair with me - shudder at the thought!) Yet still... although I haven't ever doubted the decision to change, it's funny to see the other side, and nice to be reassured.

I am sure this office doesn't represent ALL engineering firms - but it is a fairly large one and is also international.

On another note, look at my WATERMELONS! Woo hoo!

And isn't that Butternut Squash cute?!

And these are the zinnias that grew from the flowers that I let die and left where they were. I LOVE that!

And also, Kenya is on! So, I will be putting the final touches on my support letter, etc (a little scary to think about) and moving forward.

I am actually checking in to gathering textbooks from here in the Tulsa area and shipping them to Kenya. Any ideas on the process anyone? I was also wondering about contacting WalMart or Target to see if they would donate boxes of paper and pencils, etc. I so have NO IDEA what I am doing, but I figure might as well punch through this paper bag on my head while work is sporadic and see what happens on the other side. I am open to suggestions and advice.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Do You Think?

I checked this and it is not a hoax or pretend or propaganda. He really said all this and he is really holding the coin.

Medvedev sees single currency dream in G8 coin gift
4 days ago

L'AQUILA, Italy (AFP) — Even if Russia's call for a global currency failed to gain much traction at a G8 summit, President Dmitry Medvedev took home a coin meant to symbolize that the dream may one day come true.

The Russian leader proudly displayed the coin, which bears the English words "United Future World Currency", to journalists after the summit wrapped up in the quake-hit Italian town of L'Aquila.

Medvedev said that although the coin, which resembled a euro and featured the image of five leaves, was just a gift given to leaders it showed that people were beginning to think seriously about a new global currency.

"In all likelihood something similar could appear and it could be held in your hand and used as a means of payment," he told reporters. "This is the international currency."

Russia, along with China, has been a vocal proponent of diversifying the global currency system away from the dollar, which has dominated global finance and commerce since the end of World War II.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the summit joined the band in favour of dumping the dollar as the international currency of reference, insisting that "we cannot stick with just one single currency."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lost My Job

After a second infiltration (Where the needle goes through the vein and fluid, this time blood, starts filling your ARM instead of the vein where it belongs), it has been decided that the selling of plasma is not for me. So, there goes that income source.

On another note, I am now the Drama Director of our church's VBS, called Crocodile Dock. Now, please understand, when it comes to creativity and drama what I am is a great DIRECTOR. As fas as performing, if I'm given a script or idea and someone great to act with, then that's fine, but I'm not into being the "Superstar" - I'm a HUGE believer in less is more (this could be because I'm lazy, I guess) Anyway - there's no real script for any of this. But, I have teens under me who I'm told will do anything I ask of them. So, I met with a friend who helped me come up with ideas for the four days and now I feel pretty good about it.

There is some light construction involved, but lucky for me, my parents will be here the weekend before when it all gets put together. (They don't know this unless they are reading this right now - but they'll be fine with it - they're just great like that)

So - no job. I have put in an appplication in at Starbucks, sent my resume to another Temp Agency, and to the DA who asked me to pass it his way. My two piano students are very hit and miss, as it's summer.

I will NOT fall into a funk. Good thing I'm exercising. Need all the endorphins I can get.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Giving Plasma and Running

I started my Fourth of July with a 5K! And I finshed and ran the whole way. Which was my goal and so I'm so happy!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I guess I shouldn't have called it a contest, because I didn't offer a prize.

And it was only 84 degress in my house, so now I feel like I was being overly dramatic... but it felt SO HOT!!!

I have realized, working here at Senior Star (which I have thoroughly enjoyed) somthing:

Never use the first bathroom stall when there are only three. Because to make sure no one's in it before you push the door you ahve to glance that way and the gaps between the door and the walls are about an INCH wide. You can see who's in there doing there business. Use the second one.

I know music videos are probably lame, but Gayla this one is especially for you. Even though she doesn't drink coffee. Raspberry tea with Vanilla creamer. That's how we always made ourselves feel special when we lived together. And I LOVE this song. And it's not a new song, but I DO think it is universally enjoyable.

It's raining - I am SO HAPPY! It means a much cooler run this evening (I am SO loving my Running Group)

Another thing I love - running skorts. They are so much cooler than shorts and I don't get that stupid rash from my shorts... they are terrific. I now own three. And one of them is actually a tennis skirt, so if I ever decide to play, I have a play to put the balls.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My First Video "Embedding"

I guess this is an old song, but it was new to me in Kenya and I love it so much I'm embedding it! It's called The Father's Song and it's be Matt Redman.