Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Do You Think?

I checked this and it is not a hoax or pretend or propaganda. He really said all this and he is really holding the coin.

Medvedev sees single currency dream in G8 coin gift
4 days ago

L'AQUILA, Italy (AFP) — Even if Russia's call for a global currency failed to gain much traction at a G8 summit, President Dmitry Medvedev took home a coin meant to symbolize that the dream may one day come true.

The Russian leader proudly displayed the coin, which bears the English words "United Future World Currency", to journalists after the summit wrapped up in the quake-hit Italian town of L'Aquila.

Medvedev said that although the coin, which resembled a euro and featured the image of five leaves, was just a gift given to leaders it showed that people were beginning to think seriously about a new global currency.

"In all likelihood something similar could appear and it could be held in your hand and used as a means of payment," he told reporters. "This is the international currency."

Russia, along with China, has been a vocal proponent of diversifying the global currency system away from the dollar, which has dominated global finance and commerce since the end of World War II.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy at the summit joined the band in favour of dumping the dollar as the international currency of reference, insisting that "we cannot stick with just one single currency."


  1. You know what I think!!!! Thanks for posting this. We have to get the word out and alert people.

  2. i am not afraid. the bible tells us it WILL happen... so why should we fear??? why should we even fight it???