Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lost My Job

After a second infiltration (Where the needle goes through the vein and fluid, this time blood, starts filling your ARM instead of the vein where it belongs), it has been decided that the selling of plasma is not for me. So, there goes that income source.

On another note, I am now the Drama Director of our church's VBS, called Crocodile Dock. Now, please understand, when it comes to creativity and drama what I am is a great DIRECTOR. As fas as performing, if I'm given a script or idea and someone great to act with, then that's fine, but I'm not into being the "Superstar" - I'm a HUGE believer in less is more (this could be because I'm lazy, I guess) Anyway - there's no real script for any of this. But, I have teens under me who I'm told will do anything I ask of them. So, I met with a friend who helped me come up with ideas for the four days and now I feel pretty good about it.

There is some light construction involved, but lucky for me, my parents will be here the weekend before when it all gets put together. (They don't know this unless they are reading this right now - but they'll be fine with it - they're just great like that)

So - no job. I have put in an appplication in at Starbucks, sent my resume to another Temp Agency, and to the DA who asked me to pass it his way. My two piano students are very hit and miss, as it's summer.

I will NOT fall into a funk. Good thing I'm exercising. Need all the endorphins I can get.


  1. Oh friend, I am sending EMPLOYMENT thoughts your way. I wish I could hug you - Clint's one experience donating plasma was HORRIBLE. Chin up :)

  2. Well at least you'll have a great carpenter to help you!Have fun with it!

  3. So when does VBS start. That sounds great and would be tons of fun for my kids. Wish they could be around for it. ;-)