Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I guess I shouldn't have called it a contest, because I didn't offer a prize.

And it was only 84 degress in my house, so now I feel like I was being overly dramatic... but it felt SO HOT!!!

I have realized, working here at Senior Star (which I have thoroughly enjoyed) somthing:

Never use the first bathroom stall when there are only three. Because to make sure no one's in it before you push the door you ahve to glance that way and the gaps between the door and the walls are about an INCH wide. You can see who's in there doing there business. Use the second one.

I know music videos are probably lame, but Gayla this one is especially for you. Even though she doesn't drink coffee. Raspberry tea with Vanilla creamer. That's how we always made ourselves feel special when we lived together. And I LOVE this song. And it's not a new song, but I DO think it is universally enjoyable.

It's raining - I am SO HAPPY! It means a much cooler run this evening (I am SO loving my Running Group)

Another thing I love - running skorts. They are so much cooler than shorts and I don't get that stupid rash from my shorts... they are terrific. I now own three. And one of them is actually a tennis skirt, so if I ever decide to play, I have a play to put the balls.


  1. ha ha ha ha ha !!! i love her, i love her, i loooooove her!!!

    and i also totally love those skorts! so cute.

  2. Taylor the latte boy. That was your myspace song, remember? HAHAH Love that. And love the running shorts. I just bought some too, although I don't run--or walk even for that matter. Well, I WALK... but not for exercise, like I used to... YET!