Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Working Girl

Ahhh... working at Sheehan again today. Accompanied/taught at the Middle School yesterday. So, there's this really STUPID boy in the 8th grade at Centennial Middle School, and I'm not being unkind when I say that.

I'm warming them up, I have already taught them for an entire week and have been going in once a week for the past three weeks - they know who I am, they know where I've taught, blah, blah, blah. HOWEVER - some of the "children" don't like me ( and I lose SO much sleep over this) because I am strict. So, this boy, Matthew, is writing a note while we're warming up. The TRUE Teacher Sohailah takes the note - the pathetically KIND Sohailah says, 'Put that away" ( I know, I'm still in shock that I even gave him that option). But DOES he? NO! Which is why I can call him stupid with a clear conscience. So, I say, 5 minutes later, "Give that to me." He quickly tries to scribble it out - I look at him and say,''I'm sure that will work," and take the note. The girls are looking at me like,"He's pathetic" And the boys are looking at me in sheer panic. The note says, " This is so gay. I like it better when Ms. Rife (no discipline, waiting to retire teacher) is in charge. She's not even a REAL Choir teacher." (oh - that's the part that was scratched out) ha ha ha ha ha ...

Now folks, that hurt....

And then I was talking to a few of the Sixth grade boys and they had REALLY nice voices, but this school is historic for not retaining any boys in Choir. So, I was trying to encourage them to stay in until High School, and I actually resorted to the most pathetic comment I could think of. I said, ( I KNOW - it's so sad) " The best reason to be in Choir is becaus eit's where all teh pretty girls are." And THEY replied, with GREAT enthusiasm, "EXACTLY! That's why we're here!"

Friday, November 17, 2006

Life in these United State

True conversation heard at Sheehan Pipeline:

Linda (our unemployment/union lady): “well, he needs to take his proof of residency and status down to the Social Security office. Yes, birth certificate, whatever he has.”
Other person: blah blah blah
Linda: “Yes, he can just have it sent up from New Mexico.”
Other person: blah blah blah
Linda: “No, New Mexico is part of the United States, so it shouldn’t be a problem”