Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Contest We're In

I entered a contest for Steve and I through Crate and Barrel. I am having a ridiculously difficult time posting the link. I'm even following the steps and it looks like it's right, but then it says it's not valid. So.... long story short. If you are on facebook, would you mind going to my Crate and Barrel event and voting for me? I hate adding extra steps... but... sigh... (SORRY!)

Thanks so much!

(This is Steve trying to not close his eyes for the picture. The Wedding Day photos may be tricky...and if I don't stop making faces when someone takes a picture of me I may be in trouble, too...)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mount Vernon

This is my favorite oddity on tour.

Just thought I'd share it with you. It's in the Larder of the kitchen at Mount Vernon.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cherry Trees and Whatnot

It's the weekend of the Cherry Tree Blossoms...

It's crowded.

And it was cloudy and rainy. And even hailed at one point. That would be the point when we were supposed to go UP into the Washington Monument...nice.

So, after dinner we went to the Capitol and ended our time by praying for our country and then sang Amazing Grace.

I love the Capitol ALL the time. But it seemed especially nice tonight. Well, I love it at night. I took a bunch of pictures.

Something sparkly seemed to get in the way.

A la Mork from Ork...

(yes, I really took these pictures)

Friday, April 1, 2011

I SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!!!!!!!!! That’s what I said! Yippee!!!!!!!!! (He brought me these flowers when he came to visit, Tuesday night, because he knows that tulips and daisies are my favorite)

And…. He surprised me. Can you believe it?!

So, I got to Oklahoma City Sunday afternoon, where Cowboy picked me up (it had been 22 days… L-O-N-G time) worked Monday and Tuesday, and then flew back to Washington DC today.

Tuesday night he came to Tulsa, so we could spend a little more time together. We had dinner, and fell asleep watching TV at around 9:15… yes, we are that exciting. Wednesday morning, I heard him get into the shower at 5, so I got up to make him coffee. After his shower, he came into the kitchen and said, “Your bathroom mirror has a HUGE crack in it.” I said, “What?” And he said, “Yeah. Straight across.” So, as I’m walking in there, I’m trying to figure out what could have fallen, how much a new mirror will cost, and then I see that he has written in the steam, “Will you marry me?”

He got on his knees, there in the bathroom and said, “Will you?”

I said yes.

The ring is beautiful. Much fancier than anything I have ever thought I’d wear, but he said I am a fancy girl. I can’t stop looking at it and I’m sure it’s not a dream, but it does seem surreal.

So, ladies and gentleman, I got engaged at 5:30 in the morning, in the bathroom. And I LOVE it!

I know I shouldn't post these photos, since I look a bit frightening at 5am in the morning...

And apparently I have small fingers... and so he said he was limited in the choice of rings he had. But., didn't he do a great job? And he didn't even ask my opinion.