Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cherry Trees and Whatnot

It's the weekend of the Cherry Tree Blossoms...

It's crowded.

And it was cloudy and rainy. And even hailed at one point. That would be the point when we were supposed to go UP into the Washington Monument...nice.

So, after dinner we went to the Capitol and ended our time by praying for our country and then sang Amazing Grace.

I love the Capitol ALL the time. But it seemed especially nice tonight. Well, I love it at night. I took a bunch of pictures.

Something sparkly seemed to get in the way.

A la Mork from Ork...

(yes, I really took these pictures)


  1. The pictures are wonderful and that sparking on your finger is double WONDERFUL because of what it represents :o)

  2. The only way those pix of the cherry trees could have been improved is by the same method you improved the pix of the capitol: by showing that mind blowing RING! ;-)