Friday, April 23, 2010

The Past Six Weeks

It's all been a blur, really. Lots of tours. Good tours. Lots of rain. Bad rain.
Mark's grandmother, who was really like a grandmother to me, died unexpectedly in March. Really rough.

Finished the top doors of the first side of my cabinets, but can't find the hinge screws, so haven't been able to put them on. Got home late Wednesday night and worked yesterday and again today, and leave at 6:20 tomorrow morning, so needless to say, life is a blur.

Want to work in my garden, but the time is lacking.

Want to write newsy blogs with fun pics, but again, that darn time thing.

My next group is one that I have done three times before. I am really looking forward to it.

Some top quotes from the season thus far:

(On the Hudson river, getting ready to take a 90 minute cruise past the Statue of Liberty, etc)

"Sohailah, will we see dolphins?"

As we're leaving two hours of Times Square shopping:

"Wait, did we just see Times Square? Was it a monument or something? Because if it was, I just totally missed it."