Friday, February 18, 2011

Cowboy's Favorite Picture of Us

Not sure why it's his favorite, but it is. I love him.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Tour

Tomorrow ends my first tour of the season. And honestly, it's been really good. That's either really GREAT or too bad. It's a WONDERFUL way to start the season. Unless no other tour even comes close to matching up. Then it's a crying shame, because everyone else will seem so lacking. But... I know comparison is unwise, so seriously, I'm just grateful it's been so enjoyable.

What makes a really good tour, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Sweet kids. Ones with manners. Who smile and know the words please and thank you. Who look you in the eye and take the time to learn to pronounce your name. Low maintenance parents who understand their job is to chaperone - even though they paid a lot of money to come here. Parents who are also interested in learning about where they are. Parents with whom you can have enjoyable conversation at mealtimes. And... great teacher/administrators/organizers. Who understand that THEIR role is to discipline their students and keep order. Who don't expect me to be in charge of the behavior of their students. Who have some academic expectations on their students. Who are able to role with the punches and choose to see life for what it is - with sometimes less than perfect situations that no one can help, and not blaming others.

Here's one less than perfect situation that happened on our trip. When we got out of Mt Vernon to go to dinner the motor coach had stopped working. Just like that. On a Sunday night a 5pm. And dinner and our guest speaker were NOW. And we had no mode of transportation. Except our feet. And a 1 1/2 mile trail to the restaurant. So, we walked. And some of the kids said it was their favorite event of the day. And by the time dinner was over our CHAMP of a motor coach company had found us an alternate bus and driver, our bus was getting fixed and we were on our way. But.... they could've thrown a fit. But, not one single person did. Instead they commented on how beautiful the sunset was, and how lovely the weather had become.

SO - good first tour. GREAT first tour. Now home to my man, tomorrow night. That will be nice. He's so nice. I love him.