Thursday, March 24, 2011

Way Too Long

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted. Not for lack of desire. I hate to even say it – the “Busy” card is so lame… but, with limited internet access at the end of 16 hour days…

So far my trips have been GREAT! I’m on Day 5 of the third one in a row. All three from California, all three I did last year and in 2008. I’ve actually led Redlands Christian School’s trip for so many years, it just feels like a big reunion every year. It was very VERY fun.

I took the first two trips to Carlo’s Bake Shop – yes – home of Cake Boss. The first group was one bus with 53 people. I felt much more confident taking Redlands – even though they had 84 people. My confidence quickly evaporated when I saw the line outside… fortunately, I was more aware of the intricacies of the ordering process, AND they have very on the ball teachers who facilitated the group. We were in and out in an hour! Which is no small feat with 84. The most fun part is not telling them where we’re going… on the last group, this girl who absolutely lives for Cake Boss recognized the name of the street… and she started counting down the block numbers… she couldn’t BELIEVE We were driving by. When we stepped off the buses, she started weeping. I am not making this up…

Redlands also does an amazing job with their website. They update it with trip pics, video footage and quotes every night. It’s so SO funny. AND…. we saw Wicked.
I get to see Cowboy on Sunday. It’ll have been 23 days. The same length of time from the very first time we met until he came for a visit. It’s long.