Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Contest We're In

I entered a contest for Steve and I through Crate and Barrel. I am having a ridiculously difficult time posting the link. I'm even following the steps and it looks like it's right, but then it says it's not valid. So.... long story short. If you are on facebook, would you mind going to my Crate and Barrel event and voting for me? I hate adding extra steps... but... sigh... (SORRY!)

Thanks so much!

(This is Steve trying to not close his eyes for the picture. The Wedding Day photos may be tricky...and if I don't stop making faces when someone takes a picture of me I may be in trouble, too...)


  1. Oh yea!! I forgot all about the shut eye syndrome. He can always use his fingers to keep them open. LOL

  2. BTW you need to use the tool to make a link clickable. Figure it out, smart girl.

  3. Did I read "Wedding Day!?" I've been out of the loop for awhile. Spring get REALLY busy when you have kids.
    Anyway, I'll have to come back and page through your blog to see what I've missed. :)