Thursday, June 2, 2011

In Case You're Counting

In 72 days I will become Mrs. Sohailah Stou*t. Crazy.

How do I know it's 72?

Well yes. I've always been a counter, but there's actually a different reason.

When it was 150 days before our Wedding, we started reading the Psalms backwards, together. So, today we are reading Psalm 72. My good friend, Bob, gave me this suggestion, and I LOVE it. I have two other couple friends who also did it, at his suggestion. I'm so thankful to the friends I have made over the years of my life. Friends like Bob and the two couples who also did it.

And so many others. I've often heard, "To have a friend, you need to be a friend." I can only hope I'm as good of a friend as mine have been to me.

Honestly, it's a bit difficult to think of myself as the center of attention for the Wedding. Not that I have a hard time running the show. It's just odd to me that the "Show" is actually about me. And my wonderful man. But, honestly, me. Because I'm the bride. And, truthfully, aside from meeting with my florist, and picking things up and finishing and addressing invitations and following up with my musicians, everything else is in place.

And it hasn't seemed like that big of a deal. Aside from my two meltdowns with my mom about how expensive everything is... but she has been her typical self - no-nonsense and supportive and encouraging. (As is my dad, only he's not the one on the phone).

So... we'll see. I feel good right now about everything. Except trying on my dress. Can't bring myself to do it. Not sure why. It's just sitting in my closet. Waiting. I still have time.

72 days.


  1. Your dress is there in the closet??? I wish I were there!!! I'm so happy everything has been going so smoothly. YAY!!!

  2. It is time for your dress to come out of the closet. :-) SO excited for you!!