Friday, June 17, 2011

Eight Weeks from Tomorrow

Can you believe it?!? I am still touring in DC, and although my group is dear and I am enjoying them, at this point, I am excited to get home and GET GOING!

Actually, I think most of it is taken care of. I still need a videographer, and to nail down my programs, but the CONTENT of the program is largely set (just needs a sentence of two edited, etc).

I have my Jobs for people/Timeline for Wedding Party taken care of.

I need to get the candy for the Candy Bar, and make one more trip to Hobby Lobby, and contact the musicians to get them their music, but other than that, pretty much all is well.

I was going to self address all of the 200+ invitations, and then realized, that's DUMB, when it can be a great excuse for a get together with some dear friends. (And wine)

My Bridal Shower is set, my Bachelorette party is underway, and both of my Matrons of Honor have already worn their dresses to events.... (yes, I win in picking the best Bridesmaid dress ever, and I wasn't even trying.) I take this as a VERY POSITIVE SIGN that my Wedding, is indeed, going to be wonderful.

I plan on working 25 hours a week, the rest of the summer, so I can work out, visit with friends and enjoy the summer. (oh, and pack) Of course, COWBOY, sweetest man that he is, told me that I didn't have to work at all this summer if I didn't want to. But... I need to know that I'm covering my mortgage for the next couple of months, so not working would cause more stress than working.

My house gets ready to go on the market by the end of June. Not thinking about it, just doing it. I want to be with Cowboy, and so selling my house is just part of the Bigger Whole.

New Daughter just had her first Camp experience. Five nights, 2 1/2 hours away. School for the Blind, and apparently she loved it. Well, when she called me, she was talking to fast I couldn't understand a word she way saying, so I take that to mean she loved it. And.... she called me. All on her own. From her cell phone. Which means she thought of me in the midst of it all. That makes me really, really happy. (I won't even tell you that she didn't think of calling Other Mother from camp... that would seem like gloating, which I'm sure falls into a sin category somewhere... )

And she used her whole disposable camera. Can't wait to see THOSE pictures... It always cracks me up what kids take pictures of.


  1. Love the "New Daughter" phone call. YAY!!! Tell me all about it.

    Can I come help you do postage? (but only if there's wine).

  2. AAaaaaaaugh! So exciting!!!

    (and "cracks me up to see what kids take pictures of"... would it be rude to add "especially blind kids?" yes??? okay- forget i said that.) ;-)

  3. Gayla, when we were deciding if her swimsuit was too small I said it's not like the other kids can actually see how it fits ...

  4. Hi Sohailah, I have SO missed reading your blog to share your excitement. Even now, I should be packing for vacation, but had to stop for 5 minutes to see what's new with you.

    Loved hearing the happenings in this post, and will come back in a couple weeks to hear more and to backtrack.

    I am just giddy for you and Cowboy. :)

  5. Thanks so much for coming over and saying hello! I have missed you too... I don't know what happened to your blog in my feeder, but it's fixed now!

    And to come over here and see such fabulous news as this, a wedding in the works! I am thrilled for you, truly. I hope your summer is as magnificent as it can be, and I look forward to updates, for sure.

    Now off to catch up on old posts...