Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I LOVE Funny People

No, I haven't seen the movie, and probably won't as it doesn't look funny to me. I'm talking about the funny people I have been blessed to know...

I went to coffee with a friend at Starbucks, this morning. I stopped giving my real name at these sorts of places YEARS ago - Lord knows I have spelled it enough times... so I give a name that needs no explanation. I say my name is Sally.

So, this morning I placed my order, she asked my name and I said, "Sally."
She said, "With a "Y" or an "I-E"? Yes, she did. I am NOT joking...
I said, "With a Y".

My friend then places her order and when asked for her name, without missing a beat she said, "Sallie with an I-E"... ahhhhhhh - I LOVE it!!! I just looked at her with no way to stop the joy in my face.

Tell me something funny someone has said in conversation with you, lately.


  1. That's hysterical!

    OK- your comment on my blog today...Please tell me this is not prophetic and I am going to have that many children!!

    Thanks for the prayers though. I'll take those anytime! We are in the middle of a pretty big transition in our lives- possibly getting ready to move the fam to NYC.... so prayers are definitely needed!

    Take care Sally! :-)

  2. It serves you right--having to spell it anyway. ;-)

  3. WHAAAAAAAAT??? She's possibly moving her family to NYC??????? Michelle--fill me in.

    Sohailah--I can't believe you LIED about your name!!!!

  4. Sally--that makes me think of Grandma :)