Thursday, July 16, 2009

And Today she works and learns...

Got the call at 9 this morning. A secretary had called in sick and they were needing a sub. I can SO DO THAT. Also though I am only getting paid for six hours, who CARES!?! It's a job. And interestingly, it's for an engineering firm. Really? This is interesting? Well, yes, because I majored in Engineering for 1 1/2 years in University. So, I was interested to see what an engineering firm looks like "on the inside". And this is what I learned - I made the absolutely CORRECT decision when I changed to Music Education. Period. True, the only men I worked with were the 60+ year old Principal and equally aged custodian throughout my 20's. And the male prospects were equally dismal at my other schools. (Unless you want to count the MARRIED man who was trying to start an affair with me - shudder at the thought!) Yet still... although I haven't ever doubted the decision to change, it's funny to see the other side, and nice to be reassured.

I am sure this office doesn't represent ALL engineering firms - but it is a fairly large one and is also international.

On another note, look at my WATERMELONS! Woo hoo!

And isn't that Butternut Squash cute?!

And these are the zinnias that grew from the flowers that I let die and left where they were. I LOVE that!

And also, Kenya is on! So, I will be putting the final touches on my support letter, etc (a little scary to think about) and moving forward.

I am actually checking in to gathering textbooks from here in the Tulsa area and shipping them to Kenya. Any ideas on the process anyone? I was also wondering about contacting WalMart or Target to see if they would donate boxes of paper and pencils, etc. I so have NO IDEA what I am doing, but I figure might as well punch through this paper bag on my head while work is sporadic and see what happens on the other side. I am open to suggestions and advice.


  1. Go to the office at walmart they donate alot of money to worthy causes the form to fill out isn't bad.And just remember when fundraising- Ask Everyone!the worst they can say is no!Good Luck!

  2. I have some text books from Nate's homeschool daze from a few years ago. Can I ship them over? Also, our school did a "fill a backpack with books" drive a few years ago for a school in Kenya. What if that were something we could do again??