Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Over and I'm Fine!

Vacation Bible School was this week - it ended Thursday. It was great. I'm very glad I did it, and I think children learned about Jesus.

It was the story of Moses - Day One was him and the burning bush. I found myself wondering at my choice of words when I said, "Even though you get really angry at someone and even IF they've done a bad thing, you should never kill them (When explaining how he ended up taking care of sheep on that mountain)." I made a little burning bush with flames and live branches and it was good.

Now, teenagers at our church help with VBS, and I was assigned four of them. Which was fine by me. Turns out the two girls' moms were on my wing at ORU sophomore year... crazy.

Well, these little teenage chickadees had a problem after the first day - they said it was boring - they were used to it being very entertaining, as in the past, the gals in charge have been super creative, creating their own scripts and characters and making it funny and exciting.

I, however, made it very clear when I signed up that if they got me they would NOT be getting that, but they WOULD be getting an excellent teacher who has a knack for engaging students AND keeping order all at the same time. (To which i received a rousing Thank you, this is what we've been praying for)So, the kids complained afterwards on Monday, saying, "It's not at all entertaining", and "before...." and "if WE're bored..."

So, Tuesday morning we had a little Coming to Jesus meeting, in which I told them that it was NOT about them, that complaining and comparing is foolish and unwise, according to Paul in Corinthians, that MY authorities told me to teach the story from the book and I'm obeying my authorities, and that their job is to be positive, not complain and act like Jesus.

Things went much better after that.

The next day was Moses, Pharoah and the plagues - we turned water into blood (little red food dye at the bottom of the clear glass), threw rubber frogs, had them walk on Cap'n Crunch on black tarp barefooted to imagine the locusts, etc. It was a hit.

The next two days were similarly successful, what with the Angel of Death and the Passover lamb; had them paint a door frame with "blood" - yeah, WATER. All in all, great success.

Tonight I'm going to Wicked and tomorrow morning is my 5K run which officially ends my 12 week running program. I'm excited. Miraculously.


  1. What a great VBS. Why don't you come help the kids here. It's Roman times theme and it starts Aug 10th. (Although, once they see that it's YOU they may say... that friends of Karen's fools around way too much in church--NO WAY).

    Loved the capn crunch idea but I hope you used it for snack too! No good wasting that stuff. It's like gold around our house.

  2. I wonder how many times you've given the "it's not about you" speech? And how many people you've helped with it? You should patent it.