Friday, March 23, 2007

the chore of living in a hotel

I am paying SERIOUS money to come down to the lobby EARLY this morning and to catch up with my friends - YOU GUYS! Although, no one will probably even think to check my blog since its BEEN SO LONG! I took REALLY good pictures for Karen's contest, and then was gone before I could down load them. Those canceled flights in NYC last weekend? Yeah - that was MY GROUP! The good news is that my groups have been amazing since the first one and I CAN'T WAIT to go to Orlando!

Hey - any stories or photos with me that are not on MY BLOG are NOT TRUE! There are some BAD false stories going on out there - and ANYONE can photo shop, these days.

Just remember, all day every day, I lead little darlings through our nation's capital and NYC... ahhhhh.

Love you all and I will be home for ten days in a little while.


  1. Hey, I took a chance that you might have hacked into someones internet and hear you are! You've been missed! Hope you and Cool have a blast on your trip to the sunny south. Remember all your bloggin' friends in the north that are very jealous as we sit waiting for some warm weather and real fun to happen. Can't wait for all the details. If you don't post about it we will have to take Karen's word for all the details :)

  2. Yay! You're still a member of Bloggerville! Thanks for paying the "Serious money" to log on for a little while. I'm wishing you two lots of fun as you head off to FLA. Try not to scare any little children. ;-)

  3. Yeaaaa right! Sure they're not true!! Well we shall see what new and improved stories show up after this little week away.

  4. Whether the stories are true or false and whether the pictures are real or doctored is secondary. The primary questions are where are the pictures and where are the stories? :)