Tuesday, May 26, 2009

While I Was Gone

This happened. Lucky they're Robins. I will let them stay until they fly away and then that dang nest is GONE. And they're only staying because the eggs are pretty. My new found boundaries dictate that I don't have to let anything or anyone take advantage of me.

And this is the part of the "garden creating" story that I didn't tell you about earlier... While I was digging with my shovel (which is what one does in one's backyard when they are creating a garden in one's OWN space that one OWNS)

ANYway... (I'm getting a bit flustered and feeling defensive) I shoveled and heard a shrieking, squealing sound. I thought it was a mouse, but the creature that scampered/limped/threw itself out of the line of my unKNOWING shoveling didn't have a tail. Yes, it was a newborn rabbit. I will not call it a bunny because that makes me sound heartless. It lay there wimpering - kind of freaked me out.

So I moved it into the shade (right here) - and it was gone thirty minutes later. As in disappeared. Maybe a crow came and got it?

Then yesterday when I was watering, I heard sounds - sounds of shock though not death.

And out came this... do you see it?

Here's an up-closer-shot. Yes, disgusting. Baby rabbits are WAY more homely than baby swans. And they call those "ugly ducklings" and these "bunnies"? Go figure.

And there are at least two more. See? Well, they can stay there for now. But when my Butternut Squash come up, a day of RECKONING will come. And I WILL win. First, I will KINDLY plant marigolds. Rabbits hate them and they are a wonderful protector of all things vegetable. If they defy me... well, I know where my shovel is.


  1. Seriously, you cut the tail off? Seriously, you would use that shovel again?

    Our baby robins just flew the nest on Sunday. Kinda sad to see them all leave.

  2. guess I wasn't clear. I CUT it somewhere - baby rabbits have no tail. that's how i knew it wasn't a mouse. i wish my robins would hurry up and fly south. I want to replace that light fixture, but now feel a bit beholden to the eggs. Hmmm... am I struggling with boundaries?!?

  3. you're hilarious! Baby mice from the big one that we saw in the kitchen? where ARE they?

  4. Wow...lots of precarious creatures at the Sohailah home. Makes life interesting right. Hope those butternut don't come up too soon...I won't be able to handle that post. :-)

  5. ACCIDENT! complete ACCIDENT!! And I will stay friendly - as long as they keep their mitts off my squash...

  6. Poor bunny. :-(

    At least you didn't do that on purpose. You didn't, did you? ;-D