Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Playing with Diana

These are Diana's favorite toys.

Seriously. (This is the miniature size, of course - her hands aren't big enough for the REAL one)

Ahhh yes.... nothing like a good old permanent red marker.
Which I think is interesting. However, this isn't a Kenyan thing - this is a Renee thing. Which I also like. She says her mom always said kids don't really care, and I think she may be on to something... truth is, they're always going to want you to play with them with their toy anyhow -so maybe the toys are for us....

There's something to be said for the used up baby wipe container. Yes, it's plastic... but her head won't fit inside.

Heidi Jo, Trisha, Kendra and Tracy - get me your mailing addresses - I've got some formula spoons with your names on them...

p.s. we're going to Mombasa!!!! ( we leave in about an hour - so probably no posts until Monday). Happy Easter! And when you say Mombasa, you should say it like "Mufasa" on Lion King... It's just more fun, that way. Diana's first time to the beach!! We're just going for her, really... otherwise, we wouldn't care at all... yes, yes Ruth and I are sacrificial like that.


  1. Give a kid a cardboard box. They love things like that for toys. When my grandkids were small I'd give them plastic spoons and cups to play with in the bathtub. They loved it!!

  2. "Mombasssaaaaa!" oooo! i got chills just saying it!

    have a wonderful time at the beach! be sure to pack Diana's "toys"!!!

  3. I love Mombassa!! It is so beautiful! Went there during ORU missions on some down time. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. "And when you say Mombasa, you should say it like "Mufasa" on Lion King... It's just more fun, that way."

    LOL! Is there any other way to say it?

  5. It's Monday...time for more posts please.