Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Trip to the Market

I LOVE going to markets in other countries - they are so NOT like "Farmer's Markets" in the U.S. SO not like them. And yet, in every other country, they all seem to look like this.

So, I got to go with Metrine, last week. Here is the bounty... which came to a whopping 970 shillings - $12 US.

Now, the truth is, some items are VERY pricey. Take this avocado, for example...

at 20 shillings, this is almost 25 cents... I know, an outrage, isn't it?

And this MANGO...

is that all you get for 35 cents? You've got to be joking me...

And to think that these two pounds of green beans came to $1...

These are Ginger Lime Green Beans. I may post the recipe for these some time. I made it up myself. Okay - saute some fresh chopped ginger in some butter and then toss in the green beans. When some of them are kind of brownish, take them out ( so they are still mostly still crisp) Squeeze fresh lime over them. They seem to be a hit in the house. You can try Olive Oil, if you prefer, but just not quite as tasty.

Golly - did you know it was a cooking blog, too? All things to all people... that's me!!

Okay - so I went back to the market this week and ... prices were up...

Apparently, I unknowingly got to play "The Price is White"... I won't be going back to the market...


  1. i can not imagine being able to purchase fresh produce at those prices. i can't imagine being able to purchase fresh produce of that sort at all!


  2. Oh, hush up.


    Veggies look yummy.

  3. ginger lime green beans sound so yummy! the lotion i use is 'ginger citrus'- i'll just lick my arm to get an idea... ;-)

    "the price is white"= so funny

    btw... you'll be proud to know that i've introduced my boys to dcTalk circa 1993. i've got them singing "jesus is still allright" in the backseat... totally takes me back to the golden years...

  4. dahling--you always crack me up.

    The ginger lime green beans look good and I'm sure are in fact delicious... but the title sounds like lima beans, in which I am not a fan. Can we call your recipe "lime ginger grean beans" instead??

  5. I don't like lima beans, either, and would hate to remind anyone of them. So - CHANGE the name!

    Gayla - I am SO proud! Ahhh... the shrine - to them and Art Monk! With the scarf and Christmas lights!

    Remember the Godfather Trilogy? Breaking and entering and becoming TOTALLY hardened in our hearts to killing?

  6. HA! The Price is White! You slay me:)