Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diana, Part 3

Just some random shots of Diana, because I think she's so adorable (and photos download SO DARN QUICKLY here in the US of A!)

Little Smart Girl (in her housecleaning doo rag - covering all her bases...)

Or maybe she'll be a rapper!

Just chillin' (LOVE the foot! She just did that, I did NOT pose her)

She was reaching for her formula spoon toy in the water and stuck her face straight into the bubbles. She didn't even act all that surprised.

Classic Diana look - nose all scrunched up.

Her schooling could probably be paid for through modeling. Doesn't she have the "faraway serious look" down well?

At the airport right before I left. I miss her!


  1. that is one adorable baby girl!!! i am so moved by her story... i believe God must have some great plans for her! please keep us posted on anything you hear about her as time goes by.

  2. She is so, so cute!

    Thank you for all the updates, Sohailah. It was great being able to keep up with your journey there.

    I echo Gayla, please keep us updated on sweet little Diana.

  3. Cuch a sweet, precious child. Her live has been touched by you, and yours touched by her.