Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Day at Kambi Teso

I'm sure you remember Kambi Teso. It's the slum area where we held the Medical Clinic. It's also where we have our Feeding Program, Tuesday - Friday.

I went on Friday. I returned home sweaty. Dirty. Smeared sunglasses. Learned the phrase "Nduo mimi (en-DOO-yoh MEE-mee)

Sweaty from holding precious little ones like this.

Dirty from all the little hands grabbing mine.

Smeared sunglasses from little ones touching their reflection as they looked at themselves.

"Nduo mimi" - "There's me!" (in the sunglasses)

"Nduo wewe" - "There's you!" (again, in the sunglasses)

Broke up a fight between the big bully pictured above (yes, he's three...)

and these two little ones. Bully Boy pulled Addis (boy in orange) off of my lap because he wanted to sit there. Smiley would have nothing to do with it and gave UP his place on my lap to pull Bully Boy off. And then came back. Poor Bully Boy.

And completely HAPPY and warmed all the way through that I was able to.

So, this is Metrine. She's in charge of the Feeding Program. She is WONDERFUL at it. The kids call her Aunty Meti. And she has two helpers.


and Betty. Who are also great.

We pull up to our spot under the tree

and the children start coming.

They line up behind the truck, and patiently wait their turn.

They'll get hot food and fruit.

They know where to put their plates when they're finished

And then the footballs and frisbees are pulled out and everyone plays.

Except for the little ones who just want to pat my arms, sit on my lap and play with my hair.

Some of these children are also sponsored in our Education Program. For $28/month, they can be sponsored to go to the Private School in their area.

Sorry this post is so EXTRAORDINARILY long, but I wanted you to know how it works and all.


  1. great post. great pix. loved it. keep 'em coming.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information and these beautiful, precious faces with us.

  3. This is NOT a long post. It's completely intriguing. Keep posting and giving us narative photo journaling. It's great.

    I'm glad you were able to break of the fight over who gets to sit on your lap. Hahah. It's weird, but I have to kind of do that at school when I go into 1st grade for music. Kids are funny. They soak up all that attention and love like little sponges..

  4. THANK YOU. It hurts my heart to think about how there are truly children who do not have someone able to give them FOOD to eat, for Pete's sakes. This post made me think about all I take for granted