Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Security and Guards

So Kenya isn't super safe.

For example, I would LOVE to walk into town, and have never really been afraid of walking anywhere in any foreign place in the daytime, but I have been strictly warned against this, because to get into town here, I would have to cross a bridge where there are regular muggings and rapes - in the daytime.

Where I am staying is the Guest House/Office. It is really nice, and VERY secure.

We have THREE dogs... a blend of Rotweiler and German Shepherd. These are just two of them. You've already seen how well Mocha and I get along in my previous post about him... The cone is because he was "dealt with" and they don't want him to tear his stitches out. The "dealing" was supposed to make him nicer to his brother... it didn't work ... and I promise that if ONE MORE of them jumps on me...

Here's where they live.

Here's how well they're locked in their homes...

And at night, we have a Security Guard on duty - from 8pm to 8am.

When our Security Guard comes we sign him in and give him dinner and chai (tea with LOTS of milk). Nice, huh? Here's the crazy deal - although after some of the other things you've read on this blog it may not SEEM crazy here in Kenya... Most burglaries occur from your Security Guard. They tend to hire a couple of local thugs to help them and then they break in. It happened to a friend of ours about a month ago. And when someone was telling this to Rachel and she expressed some shock they said, "well, it was kind of their fault. They didn't treat him very well,. They hardly ever took him dinner or anything." Of course they PAID him for the job he was doing... therefore... dinner every night.

Now OUR particular guard, Juma, seems to be a very wonderful young man - always reading his Bible and gets on well with the dogs. Sweet spirited and we feel fortunate to have him.
So, we are certainly safe here. One thing I don't ever think twice about.

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  1. I'm sorry I'm behind on checking in on you. I love the updates and learning more about life in Africa. My daughter went to Mombassa (sp) with TM a few years back. Loving your photos!