Monday, April 20, 2009

The Village Children

I am posting a photo of EVERY one of the 25 children currently at the Village. They are sponsored (except for the two biological children of Daniel and Lydia) - it is $50/month to sponsor a child, and with 550 children (just in the town of Eldoret) still abandoned from last year's political skirmishes , there is very much a need. The goal of Open Arms is to build ten houses, eventually, so they can take in many more children.

Praise, age 9 (biological son of House Parents Kamelli and Stella)

Melody, age 6 (biolgoical daughter of House Parents Kamelli and Stella)

Gloria, age 3 (biological daughter of Kamelli and Stella)

Winnie, age 13

Robert, age 6

Faith, age 9

John, age 4

Abel, age 12 - 14?

Joseph, age 10-12? (biological brother to Abel, previous photo)

Purity, age 8

Victor, age 4

Maurine, age 6

Gad, age 5

Rachel, age 8

Mercy, age 13

Ian, age 6 (not favoritism, just indecision in which photo to choose because he's so darn CUTE!)

Phyllis, age 8

Mercy, age 3

Prudence, age 6

Marion, age 6 (Marion and Prudence are twin sisters and Mercy is their little sister)

Lizzie, age 4 (biological daughter of House Parents Daniel and Lydia)

Kevin, age 1, (biological son of House Parents Daniel and Lydia)

Collins, age 10

Ruth, age 9

We just found out this morning that all of the children are FORMALLY being committed into the care of Open Arms Thursday! Since they have taken in their first child, they have been trying to get this - it's been well over a year. So now no one will be able to "lay claim", and try to get them back to hurt them, etc. Please pray that Diana will ALSO be committed - there is no real paperwork for her because of the whole situation - but if they will have mercy, etc, then that would be a HUGE burden lifted off of everyone.

Also, I leave today, Tuesday, to come back to the States. I can't believe it's been 7 weeks since I left. I can't decide if I should keep blogging on this site or go back to my regular site. Any thoughts?


  1. WONDERFUL pictures. It's been so neat to watch your journey there, friend.

  2. Wow, I can't believe you are already coming back...even after an extended stay! It went by fast!

    I vote for keeping up this blog. It can be dedicated to the effects of your time in Africa...things you learned, changes in perspective, things you miss. I would read that. :)