Friday, April 17, 2009

Slumber Party

School is out for the month of April, so we had the three oldest girls at the Village come and spend two nights at our house.

It was the first time they had used a shower, a shower with hot water, and a western toilet. They liked all three.

We did manicures and pedicures.

Mercy, 12, Ruth, 10 and Winnie, 13

Made bead bracelets. (photo by Mercy)

They LOVE my camera (speaking of Mercy).

Home Depot ain't got nothin' we need over here...

I wouldn't have thought to take a picture of this, frankly...

They were so helpful. We would wake up and go down for coffee at 7am, and they were already washing the dishes... seriously.

They loved dressing Diana up and playing with her toys.

I wanted to see where they were in the math and English departments, so I created some addition, subtraction and multiplication worksheets. Each has 100 problems. They loved them. They kept saying, "Please Aunty, assist me with another exam." They need some help, and I would've loved to teach them, but there just wasn't time. (If you are interested in copies of these for your kids, I can email you them - just let me know).

I also found a website that is for ESL - it has TONS of free download-able crosswords and word searches, etc. I think it's great for any English speaking child. The website is

I wish I were clever enough to know how to make this website a link, like all the REST of my blogging friends, but I am not. Like people who say, 'If you are interested in such and such go here' and then it's linked to that website or post, etc. Do I sound bitter? I just may be...

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  1. Can I just tell you how GOOD you are. I wish you were MY aunty :)