Wednesday, April 15, 2009

At the River

The other day, we went out to the Village because school was out for the day. We took them sunglasses that someone had brought over with them to give to them. They liked them so well they wore them through lunch... inside...

(You see Victor? Second on the left? Yes, his are on upside down...)

and put them on their stuffed animals. From the left they are Praise (9), Collins (10) and Abel (12-14?). I LOVE how sweet they are. If you've never had a stuffed animal in your LIFE or ANY toy for that matter), and you don't watch TV, you fortunately don't know whether it's cool or NOT to care for a gift.

We were going to go to the Waterfall I thought, but we ended up at the River (yes, the water fall is part of this river, but different area).

The boys wanted me to see the "fish" - these fish were ALMOST the size of my pinky... But they were SO EXCITED about them.

Aren't they being good about rolling up their pants?

Sweet little Gloria. She's 3, and had the Chicken Pox directly followed by the Measles. She was getting over the measles at this point...

And they take care of each other like this. All the time.

This was right before Praise ran down the edge of the River bank and slipped on a rock and fell flat on his face... which I saw and couldn't do anything to prevent happening. This was the millionth time that I was reminded that my calling is NOT in the medical field, as I almost passed out from the blood.

Remember Phyllis? The 8 year old photographer? When I was getting ready to get out of the river, SHE sat ME down and proceeded to wash the dirt off of my feet and legs. When she couldn't find clean enough water where we were, she walked to another area of the river and came back with it cupped in her hands. Then... she dried my feet OFF with her socks...

She's EIGHT! These precious children who have been through so much - so much. And yet, they have such a desire to love and care for others. Which is so amazing considering what they've been through. Apparently the love and stability they are receiving here is working. It's a safe place.


  1. WOW! I loved the foot washing part the best... and I never knew you grew weak with the sight of blood. That's kind of funny. I hope Praise came through alright.

  2. amazing story about phyllis. really beautiful.

  3. Praise was fine by the time we got back to the house. He is actually one of the biological children of Stella and Kamelli (one set of House Parents). I went to tell her and she said, "Yes, he is fine. He already went to change his clothes" and laughed... I, however, was a wreck for about 6 hours afterwards...

  4. What a neat story about them helping each other - and I love that they were excited about the tiny fish :) I wish I could meet these kids!!!