Monday, April 13, 2009


We had a good time.

Actually, for a beach vacation, it was perfect. Okay - it was hot. And getting there was a burden. But, honestly, we had a great time.

getting there. Seriously. Lest you think that there is ANYTHING convenient about this country... I REALLY like that when you are flying DOMESTICALLY they have you PICK UP your luggage in between flights and RE-CHECK in. I think that is a FANTASTIC idea. Especially with a baby. Especially when it's a million degrees outside and baby needs to sleep. Especially when the OTHER passengers leave their luggage cart right where they took their luggage off. No, let's not put it AWAY. That would make it easier for OTHERS.

We did find a nice taxi driver, though. Kennedy. And we went to this place called Akamba Carvers - our friend Moira told us about it and told us that right to the LEFT of the retail is the wholesale area. And an hour later we emerged from the 125 degree (seriously, I don't think I'm exaggerating) building with our baby and a lot of stuff. Ruth didn't think I'd fit it all in my suitcase... but I did.

When we arrived at the Nyali Beach Hotel they greeted us with ice cold eucalyptus scented washcloths... nice... and a glass of fresh fruit juice with a fork in it to get out the fresh fruit at the bottom.

The sand is like powder. The water has a lot of seaweed. The pools were beautiful. And Gasper was faithful to keep the drinks coming.

The gardeners climb the coconut trees to bring you new coconuts with a straw to drink the milk. Okay - not my favorite, but still fun.

A couple of nights they had dinner outside - they went to so much work. And we had salad... so nice. No lettuce here in Eldoret. Anywhere. Or spinach.

I discovered that this new camera that I got at Sam's two days before I came here has different color options! Incredible. Again, may I point out that this camera was LESS than $200 AND came with a memory card of 2 whatever they are?

Hence, my "hand" at being photographically artistic. Humor me, people.

so which one do you like best of the previous three?

Eating apple. The first night when we got to our room there was a plate of fresh fruit, waiting for us.

Where Diana spent most of her time... She was SO good. Seriously - it was hot and she was SO good. She LOVED the pool. I would sit her on the edge and she would just fall into my arms. over and over again. We got her a ring that had a seat built in and she couldn't stop smiling. She would nap in the breeze for ages in her stroller.

we had fun.

How was your Easter?


  1. Sweetness. My Easter was fine. We had the Hemby's over. Darryl asks about you sometimes... from Thanksgiving. We had a nice time with them, but I just felt sad... for the student we lost. I was glad "our" Pablo came over to talk.

    A lot of people thought it was him when they heard the news. It makes all the kids (and adults) think about life and death in the very forefront of their minds. I had a hard time contemplating the glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus in the midst of the tragedy. He died for Pablo, and the best part is that Pablo recenty had come to know that and believe. I didn't know that was true until just yesterday when the school psychologist told everyone that Pablo made that very clear to her. WOW!

    Anyway, glad you had a nice time at the beach... by the pool. ;-)

  2. what a beautiful picture journal. it all seems almost other-worldly, as it is so foreign to me. but lovely all the same.

    the baby is ADORABLE. simply and beautifully. as are you for caring for her.

  3. I like the red one. That heat would be my undoing!!!! Tulsa is too hot for me. Life changing events!!!!! Our Easter was wonderful as was my Monday & today!!! God is so very good when we keep our eyes focused on Him.

  4. That's some fancy schmancy camera work there, Sohailah. Very nice. Love the shot of the camels. And Diana. Every single photo of her. :-D

  5. Your vacation sounds more stressful and yet more relaxing than mine :) The pictures are great!