Friday, April 3, 2009

Here's Diana!

Diana is nine months old.

Here is the story of her life so far, as we have been told.

She was born to a 14 year old girl, who was abused, and in her culture, the baby is killed. However, her grandmother took pity on her, and secretly took her to a nurse at a hospital in town when she was three days old.

The nurse, in turn, gave her to a lady who is known to take in abandoned children. She was with Jan until she was five months old. All Diana did was lay on a bed. At five months, she weighed 8.1 pounds. Rachel and Ruth took Renee with them to visit Jan, because Rachel supports a few of the children that Jan takes care of, and she wanted to check on them, which she does on a regular basis. When Renee saw Diana, she felt something was really really wrong with her.

Rachel had taken Diana to a doctor for a medical check up and the report came back THAT week that Diana was severely malnourished and languishing. So, Rachel was able to take Diana from the lady who had her. the SECOND miracle in this small baby's life.

Renee is her primary care-giver, and wants very much to adopt her. However - here is where it gets very tricky.

Diana has to be determined to be a "free" baby - meaning that anyone who could lay claim to her releases her. Which means officials will have to check with the Villagers where she came from. And everyone except the grandmother thinks she's dead. So, they could claim she had been stolen, and then get her back and kill her (Who knows what would happen to the grandmother)

As you can see, there are no easy answers here...

But she is truly sunshine and a delight, as I'm sure you can tell from the photos. And not shy, at all...

With Mama Renee

With Ruth

With Mama Rachel (White from ORU)

In the bath with her favorite toys - spoons from the formula. Yes - she's not picky.

Although apparently I didn't make the water hot enough... okay okay, I'm still learning.

She was already clapping her hands when I arrived, but NOW... every time I sing this song called "Clap your Hands" she claps - she'll even roll over onto her back so her hands are free to clap... so I may not make the bath water hot enough, but I am good for SOME things.


  1. So precious! Tori is here with me and when she saw the pics she said, "Is that my little Conner". Cute eh!

  2. Well you wouldn't want the scorch the little darling! She's adorable.

  3. She is precious and the last has not been told of what God has in store for this child :o)

  4. really beautiful and amazing!!! i love this story!!!

  5. What a sweet one, it's hard to imagine anyone wanting to hurt her, don't you think?