Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Diana, etc

On my tour of duty as a SAHM, aside from putting her on a really regular schedule (learned from my many friends that have raised cute babies into delightful children) I have been busy in the kitchen:

I have been making homemade baby food because she is 11 months old, and has only been eating cereal and formula. There IS no baby food here. ONLY cereal and formula. Traditional Kenyan babies are breast fed and then given this porridge... and I've heard what goes into it and we are grateful that there has been an option of cereal and formula. It starts with fermented maize. Enough said.

So, this is our baby food. From this:

With this:

To this:

To carrots and rice, apples, peaches, butternut squash and pears. All labeled and dated, of course.

Because I love THIS little munchkin! (And I don't really have a double chin - my face is just squished into hers...)

Eldoret (the town I've been in) has a reputation for the best drinking water in Kenya. Look at that, sparkling out of the tap.

To be fair, it's only been like this twice (that I've noticed) since I've been here. But a little icky, right? And we only use this for bathing, cooking and brushing our teeth, anyhow. We boil it before we use it in our coffee and tea. So, see, nothing to worry about.

And lastly, here's our little Sunscreen 50 Baby in the pool in MomBASSa.

She's so darn cute!

With Ruth. Who I will miss almost as much as Diana!


  1. I had to catch up over the past weekend. I didn't realize you were already leaving. It's been 7 weeks already. WOW! I can't wait to see you.

    I say you should keep posting here. What you've been doing over the past 2 months is very special! Let's see how it all connects with your upcoming days.

  2. NICELY DONE! Seriously, that babyfood is genius. What a great job :)

  3. Have a safe trip home Sohailah!Thanks for letting us share this wonderful trip with you!

  4. Great work that will make a difference!

    The water is nasty. I just fianlly got over having a parasite from Mexico. Trust me, it was nasty and it lasted waaaaay tooooo loooong!