Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tiling Part Two and Christmas OKC Style

We finished! Yippee!!!! Okay, we still need to seal the grout, and my father says to please apply liberally. And, seeing as how he has had a side business as a Handy Man for the past 30 years, I'm going with his opinion. Methinks he's experienced bad grout. Cowboy didn't seal his tile, (on the advice of someone in his family), and it's kind of a mess. Good thing same "Said Opinion Man" gave him a Dreme*l for Christmas, so he can remove the stained, nasty grout and replace it, if he should choose... Cowboy also recommends grout sealant.

So... can we talk for just a minute about GROUTING? Or, perhaps, grout CLEANUP? The first half went really well. Cowboy grouted, and I waited the suitable time before cleaning up and it was a lovely rhythm. Then... Cowboy continued to grout, and I was distracted by filling in the crack between the tiles and the walls... and the grout clean up was delayed... and yes, it took about TEN minutes per tile to clean up. You know I wish I was kidding, but I am not given to exaggeration... sigh...

but it looks good, now. We will put the 1/4 round at the base of the baseboards. And the refrigerator and oven are back in place.

and when Cowboy was giving me a foot massage last night (yes, he's wonderful, but he's NOT perfect) - he found some grout on the bottom of my foot... seriously? We grouted on the 23rd... sigh... I need to take better care of myself?

I spent Christmas with Cowboy and his daughter and his mom and dad and sister. It was a quiet, low-key affair, very similar to Christmas at my parent's house, so it was nice.

Cowboy's Sister and Mom

Cowboy's Dad in his new fishing hat for fishing in his new old boat

I gave Cowboy the ladder. I know, kinda pathetic. Especially seeing as how he gave me a Coac*h purse (are you kidding me?!) AND a beautiful watch. And now, of course, I'm thinking of a million things I COULD have given him. But, none of them are very romantic... what did you guys get your men for Christmas? I'm not very good at it.

Is he not the most beautiful man... and as absolutely lovely inside as out. As a matter of fact, I think you can see the lovely inside shining TO the outside.


  1. Your tiles look fabulous!!! Really nice. Sorry about the extended cleanup. Definitely SEAL THE GROUT!!! Don't forget to seal the grout!!! AGH!

    A few questions...
    You kind of emphasized the idea that cowboy was "NOT" perfect. HAHAH.
    1) Was that a bit disappointing to discover, Miss Fairy Tale Princess? Love you to pieces!

    2) What color is your new bag??? How awesome!!!

    3) Guess who's watch battery died yesterday!!! Dang it. We were right there, too...

    4) Did that hat on Cowboy's dad come with a light on top?

    To answer your question: I got BJ a towel warming rack for the bathroom (we're getting closer and closer to that automatic toilet), and area rug for under the coffee table, and some sweaters and socks (he didn't like) and a "clapper" that is more frustrating than just getting out of bed and turning the dang light off (but it was a funny joke and he liked it).

    I think a ladder is fantastic.

    Word of unsolicited advice: Don't make too big a deal out of gift giving, and the romance that could or may not be connected with gifts. It'll come back to bite you every time. Expectations can be wonderful or horrible depending on how much pressure and disappointment comes with them. I "taught" BJ a long time ago not to put a lot of expectations on me about gift buying. I'm not good at it--you know. I never put pressure on him, but I'm always completely delighted with his thoughtfulness, which is so nice. I do give him plenty of ideas to consider... something he doesn't do for me very well.

    My first gift for Terry was a pair of dress shoes. His first gift for me was a watch.

  2. Soh- love it all so very much!!!! You guys look great together! And I LOVE your hair!!!

    I gave Mick the movie "Avatar" and he gave me some boots for the farm. Oh, and because I overheard Mark and Kaysie Steele talking about how Mark was going to get her the new Sound of Music 45 year anniversary box thingy I told them to order an extra and then "secretly" email Mick so that I could get it for Christmas too. Not very romantic, but who cares b/c I got what I wanted! Mick is a terrible gift buyer so sometimes you just gotta do whatever it takes.

    Glad Cowboy is such a good gift giver!!! Photos of the purse, please???

  3. That picture is so stinkin adorable of the two of you. Just perfect! :)

  4. Ron got a Leatherman and case and bits for it, an internet ready Blu-ray player (secretly for the family), a new fleece, and an LSU grill cover and mat (because the old grill cover is being used to hide Zeke's Radio Flyer wagon when it's out on the porch)...none of these were romantic and he LOVED them all. =)

    I got a Roku player (google it) and all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls. =)