Friday, December 17, 2010

Setting the Record Straight

I can't believe it was a week ago. A week ago today (Friday), Cowboy and I were hanging out with Terry and Karen and Daniel and Gina. I wish I knew how to link to Karen's blog, because she did a fairly good job recapping the evening. She was "right on" with the sights we saw, and how good the drinks and meal were. She was a little "O-F-F" on her interpretation of her head in the subway and painting a picture of me as the one causing most of the trouble when we were together. Seriously?!

For the record... SHE is just as misbehaved as I am. Okay - she didn't start to climb the Brooklyn Bridge, nor did she put a cabbage in her coat, but that cabbage was for HER yard...SHE'S the one who wanted one. And apparently, if my friends tell me to jump off a bridge... well...

I did ask Cowboy if I seemed different around Karen, and he said we were "two peas in a pod." He's right. Something comes over me. Free-ness, I guess. (Nice word, huh?)

So... about the Subway. Just thinking about it makes me almost start laughing hard enough to pee my pants. I'm not kidding. I have always told my students on tour that they need to get on and off the Subway quickly, because I don't want anyone getting their head stuck in a subway door, because it would give them a heck of a headache. I've seen people get their torso hit by the doors. Even their hips. But, I am NOT kidding you when I tell you that her HEAD got stuck in the door. I don't even know how she did it. But... somehow... her HEAD, and her HEAD alone, was the point of contact with the doors. And they closed. And stayed their for a few seconds... Terry had already gone out, and Cowboy and I were behind her. Fortunately, she held the door for us... hahahaha... I could hardly stand up for a while. And then we all had to talk about imagining her if the doors HADN'T opened, and what she would look like with her arms and legs flying, one on each side of the door.

Seriously... so funny.

And I didn't get to play the foot pedals during the actual service... Cowboy wouldn't let me out of the pew. I tried. He's stronger than I am.

So, Karen showed you most of the good ones, but I'll add a few more. And, guess what?!?!? Cowboy has given me Carte Blanche to post pictures of him... Woo hoo!!!!

From left to right at Washington Square...

Daniel, Gina, Terry, Karen, Cowboy

I was making dinner Monday night, and Caleigh(Karen and Terry's 8 year old) came into the kitchen. I asked her if she knew where Cowboy was, and she said, "HE's watching i-Carly with me. AND he's reading, too. I can never do both at the same time, but he can." She was so impressed that I told her she could take a picture.

We ate lunch in Little Italy. Because Cowboy is a GREAT sport, he let Karen take a picture WHERE. EVER. SHE. WANTED. TO. Even here.

And then we sat down at the bar to wait for our table and saw this picture.

DO you see it? And then it became a bit of a theme.

Tuesday, Cowboy and I left LI and went back to the City. We had fun, but we sure missed the Hochstedler gang. How LUCKY am I that I have such great friends and a wonderful man and they all LIKE each other?!


  1. We're the luck ones. I loved having fun with you guys for the weekend. Woohoo!!!

    Thanks for sharing the subway story [smirk].

  2. Loved the stories and the pic's Soho!! Nice to see Cowboy... you guys look awesome together!! I was actually in the City last weekend also with my cousin.... I wish I had known!! Would have been fun to run into each other!! Have a great Christmas!!


    Seriously, my sides ache after that subway story. Oh my gosh, Sohailah! No picture?!?!?!?!?! ;-D


    (love ya, Kool :-D )

  4. great story! so happy to finally 'meet' cowboy. so happy for you blogger bud.