Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Emily and Other Interesting Observations

Namely, Cowboy's bachelorhood is repeatedly confirmed... in all the best fashions.

OK - he DOES have a tree stand. And he is a "real tree" lover - a man after my own heart. And... he even has a cute tree skirt. I thought maybe it could've used an iron, but...

I went out to Ho*by Lobb*y to get a few things to make a wreath for his front door. And while I was at it, I decided I'd get myself stuff for a lasting wreath for my front door. (Since I was making his out of the leftover boughs from the tree).

Every single Christmas item was on sale. Wrapping paper, bows, you NAME it. On sale. 50% off.

So... I got a few more things than I intended.

One was something I've longed for for years, but seemed pointless to have in a house all by myself.

SOOOO cute, don't you think? We call it the whimsical Noel. A bit Dr. Seuss-ey, but we love it. I put it in Cowboy's house, but did tell him I'll take it back if things don't work out... (I don't think he's too worried. Me either)

I bought some Christmas bells to put on the wreaths. Didn't know what I'd do with the other 25 bells. And then I saw Cowboy's tree ornaments...

13 of these bad boys. All red. That's nice.

Here's the angel. She isn't actually missing a hand. It's in there. And he eventually found the wings...

Oh - don't forget THIS one. 12 or 13 ornaments. Period. And yes, all of this ilk.

The bells. They work, right? And Dora came down - (Cowboy's decree, with which I was happy to comply)

As we took out the stockings, I noticed one had an embroidered name on it. I LOVE when stockings are personalized... generally, I prefer when the names embroidered on things belong to the members of the home in which they are. Seems more, I don't know, personal, perhaps.

Huh. Do you see it? "Emily?" That's what I asked. "Who's Emily?" He has but one daughter, and her name isn't close to that...

This is when Cowboy told me that this was a free stocking from a sewing display from where his mom used to work... Yes. True. He is a bachelor.

And then, I start wondering if I am perhaps, bull-dozing on into his life, with all of my "great ideas." He didn't ask for ANY help with decorations, or ideas. But, the sweet, wonderful man said, "Sometimes when you are a bachelor, there are areas of your life that need to be bull-dozed, so they can be started over." (sigh...)

Oh - here's the wreath I made for his door.

As for my wreath... well, it's nice, but it's probably not going to be up. Since my door is blocked by my refrigerator...


  1. Awww lovely angel!!! I do really like the whimsical stocking hangers. I need some of those. Our personalized stockings are HORRIBLE. You'll see them... maybe... if we get around to decorating, probably when you're here--oh joy!

  2. I am so happy for you and the happiness you are enjoying. I love the NOEL holders.

  3. Are you sure you didn't get that stocking holder free from LEON? Anyways, it looks great!!!