Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cowboy Tales Vol. 2

It's been awhile since I've posted anything specifically about Cowboy, huh... although he seems to figure into all of my posts, these days. Of which I am a fan.

These are just a few short anecdotes that I want to remember and thought what better way than to share them with you.

Favorite quote of the week. We're going to NYC NEXT Friday (woo hoo!!!) and we'll be spending some time in the City, and then a few days with Karen and BJ (look out, Bridgehampton). Friday night, we're meeting some dear friends of mine, Daniel and Gina Ellis, and Daniel has booked our evening out. He OWNS his own NYC tour company, Show-Me-Tours - if you ever want a trip booked, even just for you and your family, or some friends - this guy is IT!!!! I am dead serious. Well, the place we are starting at is called The Campbell Apartment.

Daniel warned us that tennis shoes aren't allowed (which was good advice, since we'll be walking around all afternoon). The actual dress code says: Smart Casual. To which Cowboy replied, "Does this mean I can wear sweatpants and eyeglasses?"............ still makes me laugh.

I think I've mentioned that my refrigerator is currently in my living room. (And my oven is in my garage) - now there was no moving that darn dishwasher... my belief (and I think Cowboy concurs) is that they put the dishwasher in place, and then placed the counter top over it. There is no tile under there - there's not even any sheet vinyl. After 30 minutes of pulling and scraping his hand and then me seeing the copper tubing jiggling from the wall, we decided it was not coming out. But, we had turned the water off at the faucet before we started. And he had said, "Quarter turn to the left, right?" Well, I don't know if that was correct or not, but it was in my head as being correct once I heard him say it.

SOOOOOOOOOO.... I crawled back behind the fridge to undo the water main from the copper tubing. But, I couldn't figure it out. Fortunately, I have EVERY SINGLE OWNER'S MANUAL to EVERY APPLIANCE LARGE AND SMALL in a small Rubbermaid storage file. (only because it came with the house and I have maintained the tradition - I like systems - give me one, and I will happily operate in it for years). So, I went to retrieve it, and Cowboy hopped on back behind the fridge. So, I had already turned off the water (quarter turn to the left seemed to do the trick - although, truthfully, I kept hearing "Righty tighty, lefty loosey), and so he went to work unscrewing the two parts. He did check with me to make sure I had turned off the water, particularly at the point that some water seemed to be coming out of the pipe. I assured him that I had, and said that perhaps it was leftover water in the tubing. Which, because he trusts me and loves me, he agreed with... which perhaps he shouldn't have (well, not trust me in this one particular instance, although I am a trustworthy soul in general)...

As the water continued to scream out of the tube I think I felt badly... but his face - oh, his dear, funny face... that's a very small tube and I seem to have pretty decent water pressure... at least, it appeared so...

He did get it turned off.


  1. That brings back memories of my recent adventure: leaving the faucet running on my upper level which came down through my kitchen. Thank God for the recessed lighting - holes to let the water through.

    I don't remember if you read that post of mine or not. LOL

    Things can always be MUCH worse.

    EnJoy NY!!! Blog about it.

  2. SO fun that you guys are going to NYC!!! Say hi to Karen for me. I hope you have a BLAST!!!!!!!!