Tuesday, December 28, 2010

By Request

Here's the purse. lovely, isn't it? He has really nice taste.

and the watch.

photo by Daughter


  1. HELLO! Belated Merry Christmas! You done well with the gifts!

    Side note: Scrolling through your blog is very slow. Is it just for me, or does any of your other readers have the same experience?

  2. I'm back. What a coincidence. We must have been leaving comments on each others blogs at the same time. I just read your comment on "Volunteering."

    You definitely have an obedient heart, and that's a good thing because many people benefit, and it pleases God.

    As for the Sunday school teacher, I wonder if the kids are lacking because her heart is not into it. Women always make themselves second. In her case "following" her husband, someone who is okay if she choses to do something else.

    Hope you don't mind me responding to your comment on my blog. You've got to consider attaching a response email in your profile; otherwise, people like me will talk to you wherever we can. :)

  3. Very nice!!! How did he know how many links to have removed from the Bulova? Sneaky sneaky. You are classy, all schnazed up in your Bloomingdales posh!

    Did I tell you that 3 of the stairs gave way today, as Nate descended them in his elephant like manner? Dang. So much for the basement reno.