Thursday, December 30, 2010

Of Ladders and Such

Here is the ladder. I realize it doesn't look impressive.

If you look closely, it tells you it can grow to SEVENTEEN FEET!

And here's where it shows you that it can go on STAIRS, or even be like scaffolding... I'm not kidding.

And today Daughter and I played Beauty Shop. Because I used to cut guys' hair when I was at ORU. Hair check and all. I was no dummy - I knew I could cash in on it. $5 a cut. Yes SIR!


After. THe part that looks a little scraggly is actually a shadow. Seriously.


  1. That's so funny about the shadow. Photo Tip #435 It's all about the lighting.

  2. yeah - how do you fix that lighting issue?

  3. you need about two other people holding up lamps off to both sides of the subject.

  4. My three daughters have long hair. I have been known to get out my hair cutting scissors to give them a "trim." And not too bad for a non-professional. :)
    But for the two oldest, when we decided to take off 5 inches, we went to the pro. Lucky for them. lol

    Reply to your comment on my blog: That would be fun to meet! I used to be leary about potentially meeting my bloggy friends, but I've grown more confident during the last year. Like you said, "you never know." :)