Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Clarification

MY Cowboy is NOT the Naked Cowboy some of you may have heard about.

Although BOTH are from Oklahoma, THIS is not my Cowboy...

In case you haven't seen him or heard of him before, he really does call himself the Naked Cowboy. See?

Mine doesn't wear cowboy boots. Or a hat. Or have blond hair. Lots of differences.


  1. Ahhh, I saw the title and thought "the letter has finally arrived!" not so and a much more light-hearted topic :-)

  2. hmmm, just a thought, but, i wonder if Naked Cowboy sticks a sock in his undies when it's chili...ya know with it being cold and...

  3. Oh my!!! I am so relieved :o) !!!!

  4. Does he play the guitar? I was so counting on seeing him play on the city streets this weekend!!!!

  5. I've heard of this fellow. Thanks (I think)for the visual.