Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Two

1) What is the one kitchen appliance/gadget you absolutely LOVE and would never EVER want to part with?

2) What is the one kitchen appliance/gadget you actually don't have that you long for?


1) My French Press from Starbucks. I don't even own an actual coffee pot. I have an espresso machine, but really, this is it for me. Gets used every day I drink coffee at home. I. Love. It. (And Cowboy has become a fan of my super strong, ultra smooth version of coffee, too)

2) And possibly in this color, too. (Looks like it would match my kitchen color scheme.) Cannot bring myself to spend the amount of money it costs. But, to own one... awww man! Because I DO like to make stuff in the kitchen. But, I don't consider myself an amazing cook, or chef or baker or anything. I don't think I'm consistent enough to be amazing in the field. I gaze in adoration and amazement at the websites of Sherilee and PW and Bakerella... they have such amazing pictures and creative ideas and YUM! - who TAKES those pictures, anyways? And how? the lighting?

Anyhow. Yours?


  1. I like your choice! I'd like an upgrade on my camera... but that's like buying a car or something.

    Now that I have an ice maker that dispenses from the frig door, I'm a happy camper.

    Um--confession! I need to replace the canister of my french press because it broke. Booooo! I miss that french pressed coffee, which YOU introduced me to.

  2. Again?!? Bummer. I love that you LOVE it, too.

    Did you get a new fridge?! How did I miss this?!

    And a camera is not a kitchen appliance/gadget. Nice try, though.

  3. i do love my 6qt. professional grade kitchen aid. my brother found it at macy's after christmas----$199. regularly $499! of course it only came in white---but at least it won't be an eye sore when the color schemes change in five years. i must confess though, she hardly gets the workout she was designed to endure.

    and what do i want in my kitchen. a chef. absolutely hands down. that counts right?

  4. 1)i don't really have any kitchen gadgets besides a toaster and microwave...wait i have a blender that can make margartitas which makes everything better!!!
    2)i think heidi jo is on the right track except instead of a chef i would have a maid. yes, that's it!!!

  5. maid was my first thought, but i wouldn't want to confine her to the kitchen....i'd like her to feel free to roam about the house.

  6. I guess the words "Appliance/gadget" mean nothing to some people...

  7. WOW, Heidi - that is a really great price for a Kitchen Aid. Did your brother buy it for you, or find it for you?

  8. 1. my electric kettle- make tea or mushroom coffee with it every day

    2. Yopi- my maid from Indonesia

  9. Well, you know my favorites... I love how you did a Thursday Two!

    And be sure to pass on the stainless steel French press idea to your friend who broke the glass one... I did that a couple of times before a friend of mine passed on that handy tip!

    I hope you get that Kitchen Aid. My husband actually bought mine as a wedding present to ME. Five years ago on Thanksgiving Day. I'm a lucky girl.

  10. French press comes in stainless steel?????

    Did I mention that the blender "canister" (cant' think of what its called) is ALSO broken--still!!! Since about 4 years ago and the MAGIC BULLET ain't workin' like it used to. However THAT is a gadget I wouldn't want to be without either. The Magic Bullet.

    Lots of replacements are needed around here.

  11. I'm still waiting to hear about the fridge with the ice in the door, Karen. And, I just recently found out about the stainless steel. But, I've never seen one - however, I imagine they are order-able.

    Sherilee - of COURSE, I should have thought Crate and Barrel - I LOVE that place (of course, there's not one in Tulsa - YET, maybe?) One can hope.

    Funny, as unromantic as a Kitchen Aid might seem - I think it would be QUITE the gift - because it's beautiful, makes life easier, sparks creativity, and until I get a real job... I won't be buying one for myself... :)

  12. A simple blender would do. Mine died a year ago. Can never think of buying one when out shopping. Hmmm...