Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Purity Ring

We were required to purchase a Purity Ring for our Graduation from our Purpose and Destiny course. This is mine.

Here's the story of how I decided on it.

Originally, I thought I wanted this pearl ring from James Avery. I mentored these three girls through their high school years, and they bought it for me, when they graduated. I loved it, and it was stolen when my apartment was burglarized, back in 06. I've never replaced it, so I thought that would be special. Then, I was looking online, and I saw a ring on James Avery that was called Everlasting Love, and I thought that would be neat - God's everlasting love for me.

Well, I've been wearing this ring, lately, and it is seven hammered silver bands stacked together. A gal at work mentioned she had seen one similar on James Avery that is two silver with a gold in the middle. I decided to look up that ring. Well, it was $300 which is more than I wanted to spend (or could). Then I started thinking how cool it would be to have three different color metals -to represent me, God, and my future husband. So I started looking around, and I found a website called Rolling Ring. Apparently, the three combined together rings are a very important Russian Wedding Ring tradition. The Russian part is insignificant to me, but I love that it represents marriage. And the ring is Rose gold, Silver and Yellow Gold. I thought that was so neat, and it reminded me of Ecclesiastes 4:12 "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

So, that's what I got and I LOVE it!


  1. Just the perfect ring for you my friend!! Blessing to you!!

  2. Why can't you take a picture of it on your finger? We want to see how well you've been keeping up with the manicure. ;-)

  3. The Bible verse I always quote to any new bride & groom. What a wonderful choice.

  4. It's beautiful - and the sentiments that go along with it.