Friday, November 5, 2010

Is it me?

The other day I happened upon Cowboy getting ready to wash his face in my bathroom. Not unusual (well, okay - a bit unusual that I was in the bathroom at the same time as him, but I hadn't seen him for over 24 hours - I know, TRAGIC!, and he was just washing his face, and I was just talking) ... what I DID find unusual, however, was the fact that he not only unplugged my curling iron, but put it in the CABINET - so as not to get electrocuted.

Now, I drink my coffee or water or whatever WHILST curling my hair. He thinks I'm dangerously close to being sizzled to a strip of bacon.

But, my thinking is that when one blow dries one's hair, it's WET, and I happen to frequently use my fingers to comb through it as I'm drying it...

so - is this an issue of over-caution, or am I merely channeling my inner thrill-seeker, and carelessly living life on the edge?


  1. Overcautious? mmm, maybe, but I'm guessing you've never peed on an electric fence
    So to answere your question, yes, you are living on the edge, death's door. Be careful, thrillseeker

  2. How old are you? How long have you been curling your hair?

    (Besides, I "think" modern homes have a gadget in the outlet that shuts off power when necessary.)

    Don't change your habits or routine.

    My mantra: Never start doing something for someone that you can't continue. They will always expect it and you will end up resentful and rebellious when you take off the rose colored glasses. :)

  3. OK. funny, Anita - I am an ancient 43 - I guess curling hair could be considered "old-fashioned", but it's really more for taming, than curling.

    I like the mantra and agree. Lucky for me, Cowboy wouldn't ever mandate anything to me - and the curling iron stays plugged in. :) He, however, can unplug it if he chooses... seems he had some electric fence pee-ing incident as a young lad...

  4. BAAHAHAHH!! I have banned all curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers from my house. It's a safety issue, of course.

  5. I just love you!!!! Although I have to argue the "ancient" 43 *ggg*

  6. I didn't state that correctly. When I asked your age, I was being facetious, meaning you are an adult and have probably been using the curling iron for years without electrocuting yourself.

    I use one too, and added a flat iron a few years ago. lol

  7. Yea. I understood how Anita meant it. Sohailah, it was your comment that totally threw me, with the inference of a curling iron being "old school" now. HAHHA. Funny. So funny.