Monday, November 1, 2010

More Later

I graduated on Friday. From my Purpose and Destiny course. Yeay. It was wonderful, and I had so many sweet, dear friends who came to celebrate me.

Cowboy was there. Cowboy got me a crepe myrtle tree - to celebrate new life. Yes, I know... he continues to amaze at every turn.( I do have pictures of Cowboy, but I continue to honor his wishes NOT to have photos posted...)

Lisa my mentor was there. I have MUCH more to tell about her, but here's a picture of us together. She is as absolutely lovely inside as she is outside.

Sweet lovely Audra - as full of life as she looks. LOVE her.

And here's my group and our leaders.

Also, Kelli (who's being induced TOMORROW with her third child) was there - Becca, a former student who is now a sophomore in college was there - Darlene, who's like my surrogate mom was there - Kendra, my dear, DEAR Kendra was there (one of the best friends anybody could wish for).

I'll post photos from my camera tomorrow (thanks to Audra, who took a million so that I may have some good ones during the ceremony)


  1. don't know what this is exactly, but a bunch of beautiful women who are also good always good!

  2. Sorry we weren't able to make it but I was thinking of you. Glad it was all you hoped.

  3. Sohailah, you look fantastic!!!! Congrats on your graduation. So how's the kissing? LOL

  4. What a beautiful group of ladies!

    By the way, does Cowboy read your blog?

  5. He DOES read it... and comments,WHICH I love.

  6. There are no words to express what a blessing it has been to walk through this journey with you. I simply adore you my friend. You have such a special place in my heart, and I can't wait to see what God has ahead. It is going to be beyond your wildest dreams. I love you! My prayers will always continue....always.