Saturday, November 27, 2010


So - I no longer have internet at my house. Long story, but I needed to cut some bills and it had to go. And the one that was free in the neighborhood is gone - apparently, they felt the need to cut bills at the same time.

So, here I sit in Panera Bread, blogging, pathetically.

I'm actually here because Cowboy and I started tiling my kitchen yesterday. Well, we removed the frightful linoleum (Sheet vinyl). It ended up being a VERY EASY PROJECT because Cowboy had the brilliant idea of pouring water on the part that wouldn't scrape up (which was the frightful part). We heated the water up in my magic electric kettle, and then poured the magic water on the sheet vinyl and VOILA!!! seriously, scraped up like butter... Finished in under three hours - and we both secretly thought this project would take the better part of a day (actually, we HOPED it would take only the better part of a day)

And then for the downside... I only have half as much tile as I need. And Lowe's discontinued the tile in August. So the REAL reason we're at Panera online is to order the rest of the tile. Which very well may not match. Which, in all honesty, Cowboy is having a difficult time procuring even online... heavy sigh.

Thanksgiving was fun. A delicious catered meal with friends and the Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Contest and Mexican Train Dominoes. You know, I have pictures of ALL OF THIS, but my camera is not with me here at Panera... it's at home...

SO - I have NOT been able to blog every day of November... BUT... I have blogged more than usual, and will continue to do so.

Really. Pictures will be up later.


  1. I love you friend! So glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Let's get together for coffee soon. Too much time has passed.....lots to catch up on. My prayers are constant for you friend. You make me smile :) Hope you and cowboy find the right tile! That is a bummer for sure.

  2. You should checkerboard the two sets of tiles in the case that they don't match. Or buy something completely different and make some kind of design! DO IT!

  3. No Internet at home! Good of you to make the sacrifice. You'll have it again, eventually.