Monday, November 8, 2010

Lest You Think

I think Cowboy's perfect. He's not.

See? This was ALL that was in his refrigerator the first time I came to visit.

And this is what's in his freezer... currently...

Of course, this is good for me. It means he likes whatever I cook. (YESSSS! ala Napoleon Dynamite)

And this is what his flower pots have looked like since the first time I came to visit.

Until now.

Better, no?


  1. better. :-)

    just imagine what his heart looks like since you've been in there!!!

  2. Gayla! What a sweet thought! Thanks!

  3. I like what Gayla said too!!

    His frig and freezer are a bit bare, but hey, the man has ice! You gotta love that.

  4. Wow, does he know how to keep a fridge spic & span or what?! sounds like a keeper