Monday, November 29, 2010

All Around the House

So - you've heard about the tiling debacle. The hope is that Lowes will be able to track some of the original tile down - of course, it won't match, but perhaps there can be a checker-boarding done with it. Or some sort of border. Whatever happens, I'm thinking it will require more work.

(Before the items were removed)

Old nasty floor.

Cowboy did the hard work of scoring and peeling the top layer off.

I did the easy part - pouring the magic boiling water, and scraping off the glue.
But - let me show you how nice and clean the kitchen looks now. Sans icky floor. And old tile. And oven (which is now in the garage).

Looking good, isn't it? And I think I've decided to keep the yellow. More out of laziness than anything.

And the bathroom...

Used to be pink

And new. Gray.

Granted, people usually show nicer pictures of their homes - but this is progress, Baby. Right?


  1. Your yellow is about one or two shades brighter than the yellow room upstairs. It's a happy color. Love the renos. How long will you have to live that way?

  2. I meant my yellow room--you know.

  3. I'm thinking God sent you Cowboy to help get your home in order! lol You all are doing a good job.