Saturday, October 9, 2010

Week Eleven

about this class I'm taking. I refer to it as Purpose and Destiny, but in all honesty, it's called "In Search of Purpose en route to Destiny." It used to be called "Purity with a Purpose." And that's what I think it really is, but I think Chene' thought married people wouldn't take it, or only "HARD-CORE" people would take it. (Not sure what I mean by that, but the crazy thing is, I know YOU know what I'm trying to say)

It has been so much more revealing than I ever thought. I LOVE this. So many things that are in my face. A.very.clear.mirror. And the timing of God continues to surprise me. (Which I know is ridiculous, since He is God and all). But, still. And I LOVE the way He seems to always come in through the back door in my life, and then voila! He's right there in the foyer, ringing the dinner bell.

For example, I signed up for the class to deal with leftover M residue. And I said No to tours, so that I could keep the 14 week commitment, so that I could graduate. And I knew this would be tricky, financially. And I still have to do some deep breathing, occasionally, but it's only because I'm a freak, not because I have any financial worries (although the deep breathing is because I get FREAKED OUT about not having money, although I do...I know, I know, it is not fair to anyone to take them down the path of my crazy mind. Sorry!)

The LAST thing I expected was to meet Cowboy in the middle of Week Three. And only God could have orchestrated it. Remember how I applied for THREE teaching jobs? Two in Broken Arrow, for which I assumed I was a total shoe-in - heck, they love me in BA, and have asked me over the past three years to come back. And I didn't even get an interview. And then one in Owasso, where a friend of mine teaches, and the VERY DAY I asked her about the job she was going in to meet with the principal, and I sent her my resume, and blah, blah Ginger, the position was filled a few days earlier. And I wasn't upset, because I am absolutely convinced that God knows what He is doing, and if He wanted me to teach, I would be teaching. (Although, you KNOW you are living on the down side of middle class when you start salivating at all the money you would be making if you were a teacher...)

And then, August 10th - I met Cowboy. At a reception I volunteered to help with through the company I was temping for. And where would I have NOT been had I received a teaching position? And God certainly doesn't have to show His hand like that, but He's so amazing to do so. I don't know where it will lead, but it is really, really fun for right now.

And that kissing commitment that I made. Seriously - I gave up chocolate, wine GILMORE GIRLS, and "Oh yeah, Lord, I won't kiss a guy until the class is over, either." (Kind of like the serpent being told by God that he had to CRAWL on his belly for the rest of his life... I hadn't kissed a guy for over a year - Gilmore Girls was a bigger sacrifice...)

So - what are your God Sightings, these days?


  1. I just tagged you for a Meme. Come by and check it out!!

  2. Wow! Good question. I feel good these days...fairly relaxed most of the time. Don't know if I can figure out an "if, and, or but" path as you have. I give God the praise.

    Tell us more about Cowboy when you can. Don't get in trouble, though, by telling all his secrets. You never know who's reading. :)

    Oh, apparently I made you laugh on my last post. Then you made me laugh with your comment. Thanks!