Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cowboy Tales Vol. 1

Cowboy came BACK for the weekend! Can you believe I saw him more days of the week than I DIDN'T see him? feeling very spoiled.

And then when he got here Friday night, he grilled the burgers. What. A. Guy.

Saturday morning we went running - 8 miles. The Tulsa Run (9.3) is October 30th, and I needed to get my long run in, and Cowboy, being the man that he is, went with me. And this being the THIRD time he's run in... let's see... 4 weeks... well, he didn't quite make the whole eight miles, but I had to walk for a bit, too... (what was I thinking, not taking the hydration thing seriously, the night before?)

(This is a really boring post, isn't it?)

But this was a really sweet movie. Not the BEST acting, but precious. It was my second time to see it, and I STILL cried - what did Cowboy do? Did he act uncomfortable, or make a wise crack? nope. We was just nice and sweet and passed me something to wipe my eyes with.

I taught him how to play Speed. He's not very good... it's about time I win at something with him.

And then we were off to Darlene's for a night of fun and games. And Cowboy was a true champ. The only man in the face of four women... and not a one of them quiet - well, me. I'm quiet. Comparatively. Yes, that's what I'm saying. And three 11 year olds.

(From left to right):Linda was my realtor and did so much more than help me find a home. She TAUGHT me how to look for a home. And my home is absolutely perfect for me. One NEVER knows what is going to come out of Linda's mouth, but it's always guaranteed to invite conversation.
Darlene is Kelly's mom - she is the one who told me to "Go back and talk to him, Girl!" Can I please look like her at 68? She has become a very dear friend to me over the last few years.
Kelly became my friend during a time of incredible personal struggle in my life, back in 2005. I can only hope to be the kind of friend to her she has always been to me.

Linda and Chloe - Chloe has such a heart to do what is right - I love this little one.

We played Take Two (similar to Scrabble? Kind of?) and Texas Hold 'em. Of COURSE he had to be the dealer the entire time. But, when he tried to set the cards up the way it's supposed to be... there would be NONE OF THAT. Because it's not how Donnie set them up the ONE OTHER TIME we played... (can we talk about the fact that Donnie only set them up that way, because of where he was sitting and teaching us how to play?)

Church Sunday, and the weekend was over much too quickly. But, man was it good.

And this is the mailbox that Cowboy fixed from TWO visits ago..
What it looked like (it would be GREAT for a little person - maybe that's why the postman kept delivering my mail...):

How he made it look (there is no bungee cord on it now, because he fixed that, too):o

See all those bags? Full of branches and leaves - 14 bags - from the over two hours he spent "trimming" my trees - he just said he'd take that back home with him and take care of it...

And this.... this was my bountiful harvest... (the keys are there for correct size perspective). I believe I will stick to herbs, flowers, tomatoes and peppers...


  1. Can cowboy come here for a visit?? cuz we have a LOT of work yet to be done around here. Love your um... potato? We had a similar harvest. But we did get a lot of green beans. They just keep on comin.

    What the heck happened to your mailbox anyway. That was hilarious.

  2. Someone ran OVER my mailbox - didn't even knock on the door to say sorry - I just drove up and it was knocked over. Lucky for me, Cowboy was here when it happened, and he dug the stuck in the ground post out, and put that one in... it was a bit embarrassing. I'll see if Cowboy feels inclined to head your way... and I'm so glad you liked my potato (poTAHto?)

  3. i really like your potato. valiant effort :) and i think i should meet this cowboy...fancy a visit this way?

    glad to see things are going well. you sounded really pleased in your post. very joyful and i like to hear that :)

  4. Did you ever think that maybe Cowboy let you win at speed so you would actually win at something for once? Hmmm, that's something to think about.