Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Turn, Your Turn

I've been tagged by Susan of Penless Writer. I'm to answer the following 8 questions made up by Susan, make up 8 questions of my own, and then tag 8 of you to answer my questions.

Sooooo, ready......... set .......... let's GO!!

#1. If money were no object what would you like to do that you've never been able to do or have always wanted to do?
Sail around the world for a year with my husband, stopping at ports whenever we felt like it.

#2. If you could have "do overs" what is the 1 thing you would never do again? And why? Really, nothing. And the very private one thing, I would only tell Cowboy.

#3. If you could have "do overs" what is the 1 thing you would want to be absolutely, positively sure you did again? And why? Live this exact same life that I’ve lived up until now, because every part of it (even the mistakes and the waiting and the wondering) has made me who I am today, and I really like who I am.

#4 What is your worst fear? I’m working on not having one, but up until not that long ago, it was that I would fail. OR that whatever went wrong was my fault. I have lived under a ridiculous lie that I am responsible for other people’s happiness, and therefore, unhappiness, and that “things” (you pick ‘em) depend on me being perfect.

#5. What is your greatest joy? My family, friends and new relationship. (And I must say, being with Cowboy has heightened my sense of gratefulness for my very rich circle of family and friends.) They, all of them (you!) are truly at the very top of any list in life. They all excel at everything they do – whether it be in a profession, living life or loving those around them, they are passionate about life. They LOVE me, they encourage me, they bless me. They help me relax, rest, enjoy life and give myself a break from the enormous pressure that I, alone, can tend to put on myself. I am rich beyond belief, and it IS my greatest joy.

#6. What is your life verse, or if you don't have one, your favorite Bible verse? Life verse: Philippians 2:14- 16 "Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life—in order that I may boast on the day of Christ that I did not run or labor for nothing.

#7. What church do you attend? And why?
First United Methodist Church in downtown Tulsa. I originally went because my friend Kendra invited me. I stayed because, although I am comfortable in every kind of spiritual setting, from extremely charismatic to Catholic, I love the balance and blend at FUMC. Our pastor is honest and real and wise. My Sunday School class brings community into the mix, and the building is breathtaking. Built at a time when building a church was a man’s life work, and a way for him to honor God.

#8. If you knew you only have 1 year to live, what is the first thing you would do?
I’d start writing letters and making video recordings for my family and friends – remembering stories, sharing my heart, and encouraging them. If at that time I had children, I would try to preserve some thoughts for them about the future, for future times. I would make sure my husband knew he was released to find love again. I would travel to Ireland, Scotland, Fiji and Iran.

My 8 questions for you:
1) What is your favorite thing to do when you have “down time” and why?
2) If you could “change jobs” right now, and it would have absolutely no bearing on anything financially or relationally in your life, what would you do?
3) Do you play an instrument or sing? If so, what? If not, why not?
4) What was your favorite extra-curricular activity in high school?
5) What is the one belief in your head that you KNOW is a lie, but still have to battle?
6) Favorite type of food and why? And a memory of eating that food – with whom, where, when, etc.
7) Cats or dogs? Why?
8) If you had a plane ticket to anywhere in the world to go to RIGHT NOW, where would you want it to be to?

These 8 people are tagged (in alphabetical order):
1) Aisha
2) Anita
3) Beth (of Hazel and Blue)
4) Corinne
5) Gayla
6) Ginger
7) Heidi Jo
8) Karen


  1. Thanks for playing along. Loved your answers!!!

  2. I very much enjoyed reading yours. What an exciting time of life you're in.

    I'm not sure when I'll get to mine (so sweet of you to tag me) . . . I'm in a season of funerals (literally) . . . my whole world is spinning right now.

  3. very interesting stuff lady. such deep thinking....i don't use that many brain cells at once!

    i'll try and work on it :o)

  4. You're funny, HJ, because every post you put up challenges me and makes me think deeply.

  5. I know I'm supposed to answer on my blog and tag others, but I'm going to be spontaneous and answer on YOURS! lol
    1. I love to read.
    2. I'd write and publish a book.
    3. piano - at a very, very elementary level
    4. didn't have one (or if I did, it didn't last long) just loved hanging out with my very best girlfriend
    5. Good question - can't think of anything. Maybe something will occur to me later.
    6. It's hard to mess up french fries!
    7. Dogs - because I have one that I love
    8. Rome, Venice...actually anywhere, especially if it's warm :)

    Fun reading your answers. Thanks for thinking of me.
    EnJoy your weekend!

  6. why am i just now seeing this??? probably b/c i worked last week and did little else...

    i'm on it!!! ;-)

  7. 1. anything that's competitive, from watching fights and football to card games and dominating "connect 4"
    2. working at homeless shelters and giving them some kind of hope. sounds good huh, yeah not really. BEER TASTE-TESTER
    3. i play a really mean kazoo
    4. soccer
    5. ?
    6. taco night when i was little, brings back good memories
    7. dogs because they're not uppity and always love you
    8. BA